Hints, tips and cheats


Compiled hints, tips and cheats only from Cheat Penguin

EP Puffle
EI Igloo
EF Flower
ET Fart Noise
EM Coin

Astro Barrier
On the loading screen, press:
1 to go to level 10
2 to go to level 20
3 to go to level 30

Secret Agent
To become a secret agent, simply click the moderator logo at the upper right of the screen then answer the quiz. If you have answered all the questions correctly, you should recieved a spy phone on your next log in.

Agent Quiz Answers
Being mean or rude
Report them
Saying their address
I want to keep Club Penguin Safe
I want to help other penguins

Secret Dojo
Located at the upper right corner of the map in the mountains.

Cart Surfer
To get more coins from the cart surfer game which can be found on the mine shack, simply do this pattern. Down arrow key + space, space + left arrow key then grinds on turns. Then tip your cart on purpose, do the pattern again and finish the game with 1 life left. I usually get 500+ coins per game.

Go to the swf page and login, Press F11 to make it full screen, when you’re in the game click on the white part below your chat area and your penguin will walk right down and your finally nubbin.

HQ Mission
If you are a secret agent then try pwning this mission, its called find the missing puffles, after you complete the mission, you will be given a golden puffle medal.

First, go to the ice rink, look all the way to left and pick up the photos on the ground then give them to Aunt Arctic. Now go to the pet shop and read the note on the dog house by using the morse code at the lower right of your screen. Go to the sport shop and answer his question, if you got the answer correctly, he will open the cabinet containing spy tools. Pick the life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg then go back to the sport shop and grab the grapple hook. Now, go to the ski mountain and use your spy phone wrench to fix the broken telescope, he will allow you to use his telescope after you fix it, use the telescope to look around until you see a flying green puffle. Go to the tallest mountain then use the grapple hook to get to the top. If you found the puffles, go back to Aunt Arctic and claim your reward.

Go to http://www.clubpenguin.com, take a look at the upper right corner of the page, you will see a blue penguin then click on it to change his outfit. Secret 2, when you click the letter ‘N’ on the night club you will see what ninjas look like.


Walk on walls
First, go to town and stand 1 inch above your chat bar. Now click the tree near the arrow sign, just one click then immediately click on the coffee shop door. To go back and forth, just click the path way going to the dock then click the coffee shop door again.

Walking with a newspaper
First, go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf then go inside the book room and wait until somebody starts a game, join in when the ‘Do you want to join the game’ appears, click yes and go to the couch very fast. Drag a player card to the left and make sure the mail button is againts the left screen then click on the newspaper, now send a mail to anyone then dance. Now go to the town then go back to the place where you did the newspaper dance, you should be walking with a paper now. To check if it really works, try asking your friends.

Dancing with a newspaper
Go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf then click on anyone so that their player card will appear on your screen, drag the player card all the way to left corner and make sure the mail button is against the edge of the screen. Open the newspaper then click on the send mail button and send a message to that person, click on the actions button then dance.

Changing other peoples igloos
First, go to your igloo and click on the tape measure then use your spy phone to teleport to the headquarters. Open your map and go to other igloos then try moving their items. This is very simple, so i do not expect people asking questions on how to do it again.

Walking on lighthouse walls
First, go behind the fish filled bucket, then click on the door very quickly and click on the top of the room. If you executed the steps correctly, you will be walking on the lighthouse walls.

Robot dance
Take all of your penguin’s clothes off, so that all you can see is the paint. Click the star on your player card and wear the clown set, then move the window so that you will be able to see the actions button. Now choose dance, but take note that this glitch only works on client side which means only you can see it. Also, try doing it with other stuff on.

Throw snowballs very fast
For best quality go behind something that you cant walk over like the table in gift shop. Now press T on your keyboard and click on any spot to throw a snowball. By throwing snowballs simultaneously, you’ll end up with a big arch of snowballs.

105 buddies
For you to have 105 buddies, you’ll need to have 99 buddies or less. Click all of the people you want to be friends with, then wait 1 to 3 minutes for them to say yes. Go to your mail thingy and click ok to accept all friend requests. Now you will have more than 100 buddies.

Appear near the arrow sign
Go to the town then walk into the night club, once your inside click the top right corner on the exit door, keep clicking while its loading. Once it loaded completely you should appear by the arrow sign closest to the dock.

Stand on top of another penguin
Find a penguin you would like to stand on top of. Once you have chosen your target, push and hold down the tab button on your keyboard, however your mouse must be over your target while holding the key. Your cursor will turn into a regular mouse pointer and click on your target.

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  1. sweetie Says:

    I tried it it works!

  2. sweetie Says:

    On ice fishing at the end theres a big red fish if ya use normal yellow fish 4 the bait ya get 50 Xtra pionts

  3. sanitypenguin Says:

    those are the known cheats for now, i will be posting more of them as soon as i find them out.

  4. Alana Delaney Says:

    cmon type type type

  5. surley Says:

    is there a way to not be a member and cheat and get members stuff?

  6. jjazz Says:

    i wondering the same, is there anyway to get member stuff without being a member?

  7. Kenneth G. Jaen Says:

    Cool 😀

  8. Buggy Ding Dong Says:

    Hi these are some good cheats thanks so much and is there even a way to be a member without paying!?

  9. veggielover Says:

    does anyone know how to get smiley faces in their writing when thay talk

  10. Darius (cp lover) Says:

    sry about the double post!

  11. Darius (cp lover) Says:

    (The link doesnt work just type it in)

  12. Penguin Luv Says:

    thanks it works 😀

  13. volcomgirl Says:

    that wall one is retarded it doesnt even work!

  14. volcomgirl Says:

    the cart surfer one doesnt work. did i do something wrong?

  15. fistey Says:

    I realy want to be a member but my mom won`t let me! I want to have all of the cloths and sweet puffles and an awsome igloo! Please find out a cheat to be a member with out paying! I am missing out!

  16. dingdongdodo Says:

    cool cheats

  17. jess Says:

    the wall does work

  18. shyla Says:

    hi this is shyla i really need to b a member for free on club penguin kuz my mom wont let me pay! and i have m own money but but she wont let me pay any way,And + im missin out just like all the other ppl who arn’t members!

  19. flopper88 Says:

    i got 200,000 coins in cp i rich i go to snow cone usa at 3:00 alot in the dojo

  20. bob bum Says:

    thanx alot i wish that club penguin did not have members at all its so crap cya

  21. sanitypenguin Says:

    please dont post usernames and passwords here for security purposes, they might get you a perm ban.

  22. Danczergirl Says:

    on level 10 wait for a blu ship to appear, then shoot. you will be sent to secret levels. this also happens on level 30, too. just wait for the blu ship and shoot it. you will be sent to expert levels.

  23. Kool Person Says:

    this is like so cool! any other cheats plz tell me!

  24. Buggy Ding Dong Says:

    sanity penguin you’re right guess what, my friend did that i told her not to do it cause i thought something bad would happen and it did she got banned forever.

  25. sanitypenguin Says:

    lol she learned an important lesson, not to trust anyone unless hes a proven trustworthy person.

  26. rick5132 Says:

    please tell me how to solve the puffel mission clear

  27. Shraiko Says:

    hey yall wuzup sweet cheats

  28. tennis1 2 3 Says:

    the money cheat is not working? how do u do it?

  29. edge246 Says:

    Editor’s Note: Comment erased because of double posting. You cannot find any cheat here which will make you a permanent member so please stop asking those dumb questions. Unless you can give me an autorune source code then thats the time you get your free membership.

  30. Narat123 Says:

    this is the good guide but i know these glitches now but this would be helpful
    thanks Sanitypenguin

  31. Narat123 Says:

    thanks sanitypenguin for being helpful to us and be a good person ok?
    In Other News:the Lighthouse on Clubpenguin will be open on September22,2006,what will bw the lighthouse gonna look like in inside?

  32. kenny boi Says:

    is there any thing other than just laying games to ern money cos im bored of playing the same games over and over and over again, is there any secret games u can unlock???

  33. Yoyochickens Says:

    Yes it works for me

  34. gabriel Says:

    hi, i dont realy have 2 computers so i cant do the money cheat… do ya have any other money cheats??? and do you have any cheat that makes you a member without paying??

  35. Glowdy4 Says:

    i know a cheat: click on bunny slippers for red viking helmet then click on the bunny slipper 4 or 5 times and u get blue viking helmet bit it cost 1200!

  36. Sir Puddles Says:

    If you say 336699 you will get a free flat screen T.V. If it doesn’t work then you might have to wear a mining helmet,bunny slippers, ear phones, blue glasses, red cap and red polo shirt. I tried it and now i have 67 T.V’s in storage!

  37. Olivia Is da bomb Says:

    hey darious i know who yar and ya go ta dalton with me ha hahahahahha i found out that ya go on here

  38. WaddlyTux Says:

    Help! How do you beat Secret Level 10 of Astro Barrier? I’m stuck there.

  39. sanitypenguin Says:

    okay double posting is not welcomed here and same as advertising. Posts deleted.

  40. Danielnator1 Says:

    ok i really wanna know how many sox’s dose the guy give me (on the puffle mision

  41. cplover(darius) Says:

    sir puddles, how do you wear red cap and mining helmet at the same time?

  42. Gwendi Says:

    I think that this is so cool!


  43. huntboy14 Says:

    Whats a autorune source code?

  44. Bree Says:

    These are the best cheats eva envented they all work very good. Thank you, your a life saver

  45. Feepit Says:

    omg! it actually works!

  46. pinky Says:

    The guy has 83 socks!! (I think…It was for me…) Heyy tell me if it works or not!

  47. yimi102 Says:

    thanks now i no how to do anything i luv this website

  48. darkconer Says:

    asome i hope you guys can fined me some time on club pengwen : )

  49. booyah Says:

    it duznt work the wall thing can some 1 explain it to me better

  50. 007heart Says:

    dis is cool

  51. Jackiemoon Says:

    Ok, everyone, let me make this clear:

    Do NOT e-mail your username and password to ANYONE. They are trying to scam you. If you do e-mail your username and password to them, then they will log on to your account, change your password and you will lose both all your club penguin money and all of your friends on the friends list. Anyone who tells you to e-mail them with your name and password is trying to scam you, so do not do it. Less intelligent club penguin members have gone and done it. So don’t follow in their footsteps.

    Anyway, on Club Penguin, I’m one of the champions of Find Four. If anyone wants to challenge me, you can find me usually in the Ice Berg server.

  52. yellow beef Says:

    On th HQ wall it says ‘secret message: blast off’ what does it mean?

  53. yangol Says:

    :Dyo peps i need to kno some gliches cos i like em 🙂

  54. auzzi Says:

    in bean counters wait until your score is 50.Then get 5 bean bags,1ce u do that,go over to your pile of bean bags,and click,and then get another bean bag.Keep repeatn’ until the 1st round is over(trust me this always works).

  55. nicky101101 Says:

    I rock and u sould know that by now! Silly bear trixs are for kids! I luv this cheats thxs for them!

  56. Cheedo Says:

    my friend became a ninja (yay! or at least he said so)

  57. SugarBunny3 Says:

    Cool! i have 20000 now

  58. mxv1234 Says:

    sick thanks for cheats i got so much progress

  59. Amity Says:

    wow that last one was long, lol

  60. Peachy babie Says:

    hi peeps find me on snow flake on the ice berg becasue i work der luv ya peeps by da way great cheats!

  61. mattydman Says:

    kl cheats u will normally find me penguin in deep freeze

  62. tylere111 Says:

    I dont know how but somehow my friend got a black puffle and isnt a member

  63. tylere111 Says:

    its true i play club penguin and they will hava walk for puffles

  64. tylere111 Says:

    u know whats cool.
    it that the new light house is open woohoo

  65. madness142 Says:

    lol just kidin these are the best cheats thx

  66. pedgey Says:

    hi everybody tell me more cheats 🙂

  67. Jhayes Says:

    I found out another spy handbook cheat.
    go to page 5 and press f11. Then left click on the spy vision goggles, and there is a message.

  68. Raffles Says:

    omg u guys r random. that money cheat hasn’t been used 4 ages. i used it but it doesnt work. i am a memba but its a rip, once u end ur membaship u lose clothes and u can’t get them back untill u renew ur memba ship. its crap

  69. hot coals and cold ice Says:

    ive been playing for almost a year now and im a member. i cant work out how the one where clicking on n will show u the ninja will work for some but not me

  70. hot coals and cold ice Says:

    to get the fireplace u click on the glass on the electric stove and u can click in the black bit and it will light up. click on the clothes rack and u can get the big screen tv. and click on the coin of snow igloo and u can get the deluxe stone igloo.

  71. kory Says:

    im A newbie but i luved this website 4 a long time.

  72. Artic2 Says:

    this is greati now i no how to do everything thxn!

  73. The Kang 99 Says:

    I became a ninja! Its really hard thought because you have to wait like an hour. lets hope you all have patiance. also, please post some more cheats. everyone really wants them not just me. c u all latr

  74. blueberry123 Says:

    Hi everybody! Right at this moment I wanted to try some cheats and see if they worked or not but I couldnt get into club penguin. If i dont do it now i will have to wait and i dont want to wait! I guess i will have to wait. In other words bye bye!

  75. The Kang 99 Says:

    pressing n in the dance club doesnt work yall!

  76. crina Says:

    hey cheedo i tryed the ninja thing in the dojo 35 minutes and iti dindn`t work! please tell us the detalies

  77. Jhayes Says:

    The cheat with the ninja, u have to go to clubpenguin.com. Then it shows town, and u click on the N on the Night club. The big penguin will turn into a ninja. You can also click on the big penguin tto see more costumes. And also on the front page, if u scroll ur arrow to the coffee shop, a little blue penguin comes out.

  78. little888man Says:

    clik on your penguin, and take off anyhting you want then right clik on the photo(where u take off) and press back

    and u find out what happens! 😉

  79. barons20 Says:

    these things are sweet thanks please try to get a members cheat ill give you money

  80. JulAy Says:

    sanity penguin is there a way to get items without being an official Club Penguiin member?thank you so much for you help!
    your the best!!

  81. cplover(Darius) Says:

    first of all 10sophie10, its in the dojo, i should know (i was the first ninja) And the message in the hq, is about the new game at the lighthouse, look at the coming soon sign at the lookout place

  82. undietaker5000 Says:

    thnx 2 that 2 computer cheat thing i lost 200000000 coins! thnx alot!

  83. yoyo Says:

    omg the spy phone thing is cool

  84. vodoman Says:

    that cart surfer cheat is fully sick im rich now,thanks. -__-

  85. dumper Says:

    i smell and the cheats do to

  86. Raffles Says:

    dude( hot coals and cold ice)
    what u do is click on the ‘N’ of the nightclub and ull see it

  87. CP Rulez Says:

    Trust club penguin rocks she did it for me. but sorry club penguin rocks.i dont no where the big crown is. LOL! sorry i did that coz i really wanted to be a member. sorry

  88. irving Says:

    guys i don’t get the nightclub cheat thing
    help me

  89. crina(kinglinux) Says:

    hi i discovered a new secret!! go to what`s new at clubpenguin.com and put your cursor on the coffeeshop door and fast on the gift shop door and see what`s hapen`n!

  90. crina(kinglinux) Says:

    oh and about the ninja and ice berg tipping i will tell you the truth tomorow ( i have a friend who works like moderator at club penguin and she will tell me the truth) so waddle ot till tomorow

  91. Staffy(Heko Ikler) Says:

    Ok so all you gotta do is go into the petshop and wait 30 minutes and click on koko in the triangle thingy, i’m 550 days logged so…

  92. Staffy(Heko Ikler) Says:

    Do you gotta stand in a certain spot in the pet shop? cheedo?

  93. lili Says:

    how doyou become a ninja i really want to be and do you really have to be 310 days old cuz i am only 200 days old or somthing like that pleaze help love lili

  94. meeeeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    what is nubbin? thes cheatsRock! sanitityRx the house

  95. girly girl Says:

    I need help on puffles code did not help

  96. thinmint Says:

    dear website
    i love all your tips but when you did the wall one what type of wall were u talking about
    please write back

  97. JenPen101 Says:

    I bought a big screen TV but can’t get it to turn on. How do you turn it on?

  98. coco955 Says:

    Club Penguin is the best game in the world

  99. club penguin queen Says:

    i love this site it is so true all the stuff works.

  100. the giantguy Says:

    i know these are good cheats

  101. the giantguy Says:

    but i tried the ninja thing at the pet shop never moved i need details

  102. sweetgal123 Says:

    hey this was helpfull i hope it will all work!

  103. cplover(Darius) Says:

    ok, about the wall thing, you need to go to either the dance club, the dojo, or your igloo. And, you need to zoom in as far as you can to the newspaper when you do the cheat or else it wont work!

  104. catlovesoad Says:

    the wall and dancing news paper didnt work but the other ones are great!

  105. Jhayes Says:

    If your a member, listen! click on your penguin and change ur clothes. then right click on your picture and select back. click x and you’ll look the same unlike your picture. try this it is really cool!

  106. boytom Says:

    i know a cheat ok 1 when you first log on go to the light house 2then click on the big light then a message will apear then click yes then you get a car

  107. pinkpatty4444 Says:

    ive tried all of these and they work2 the fullest and especially the money cheat and also i love club penguin

  108. penguin party Says:

    whats the telescope in the lighthouse beacon for?

  109. penguin party Says:

    how do u become 310 days old fast

  110. i Says:

    to turn on the tv click on it and hit the up arrow. (hit up more than once because there is more than 1 channel)

  111. coolboy 1000 Says:

    i love you cheeta

  112. Cheedo Says:

    I’m not 310 days old yet..so what’s it like to be a ninja?

  113. Aaaafff Says:

    Dude! All of the cheats work… Except for the night club one what the heck! 😦

  114. SETAM Says:

    I like this place its so cool and the cheat is real

  115. Amity Says:

    u guys probably already know, but the red light on the secret agent spy phone, when it blinks, it sais u r cool in morse code

  116. SETAM Says:

    Hey amity very funny i even don’t know whats the meaning of the red light said you are cool in morse? Whats the meaning of that? Oh yah and how to put smileys on the writing

  117. Feepit33445 Says:

    this website is da bom! 🙂

  118. StarShower Says:

    hey cheedo thanks for the advice!

  119. SWEET FEET Says:

    i really like the website but i dont understand the ninja thing
    how do u stay in a place without going idle? u only get 10 min until u go idle

  120. Cheedo Says:

    Yeah i guess your right (my peguin is about 175 days old). Hey cooldude what’s up?

  121. best cheeta Says:

    hey guys today is the 28-9-06 and if you look in the telescope there is a square thing or a ship in it

  122. hot coals and cold ice Says:

    thx i did the nightclub ninja thing and it worked. also my club oenguin name is harrak1 and ill b on big surf in australia if u wanna meet me

  123. hot coals and cold ice Says:

    and yeah wat does nubbin mean

  124. Darius (cp lover) Says:

    everybody to become 310 just change ur year on ur computer calander!

  125. Darius (cp lover) Says:

    is dancing and talking aloud?

  126. Mooseluver8 Says:

    ummm sanity penguin? is it okay if i use some of your cheats for my blog? you kno, just to post up? i wont take credit or anything

  127. arkbird Says:

    thanks the fish works!

  128. jewlrytheif Says:

    i didn’t know how to nub now i do 🙂

  129. Cudle Wudles Says:

    those tips are awesome

  130. kirk Says:

    great cheats thx

  131. Mrs.Coolio Says:

    I tried all of this and it all works!

  132. Dancer101 Says:

    this might not b a cheat but in the telescope there is a little black figure on the sea!this is the first its there!

  133. messss Says:


  134. patrick Says:

    The telescope pin is at the mountain.When u look left were the sign says redge run it is somewere near it.

  135. rove5 Says:

    club penguin is cool

  136. Javaman cat 13 Says:

    hey Cheedo when u tried that ninja thing the first time it couldnt of worked because 310 days of Club penguin hadnt come the first time

  137. skippy599 Says:

    This website rox everything works!

  138. charlotte cp champ Says:

    i like it a lot howevea none of thes cheats work 4 me and im not rich and do not have 2 comp s soz

  139. Mets Says:

    it really works it is awesome 🙂

  140. padden11 Says:

    These really work! You should try them all!

  141. ela23 Says:

    hey guys
    these r all pretty kool cheats but im a newbie 2 cp and i dont no how 2 get 2 da dojo. can u plis help guys?

  142. 1995ben Says:

    it really worx- da how to catch big fish thing!

  143. i luv cp Says:

    when i logged on to my account i walked around played some games then i bought somethings 4 my igloo. then when i looked at the bottom of the item catalouge and it said i had 614 coins, then i looked at my player card and it said i had 00000000 coins does any1 know how 2 get my money back? 😦 cool site!

  144. Gem Says:

    Hello, this is an amazing site for club penguin, there is some great cheats, you are very clever.

  145. dancer101 Says:

    hey ela23 the dojo is in the mountains..

  146. Libbs999 roks Says:

    use the big fish cheat it really works

  147. jhayes Says:

    Everyone! The flag on the ship has a puffle on it!

  148. kristine Says:

    ths is very usful but it needs to be updated

  149. beliflop Says:

    I luv club penguin and da cheats keep it up mwa 2 ya all out der!

  150. CINTI238 Says:

    thx for the cheats and funny stuff

  151. i luv cp Says:

    when does cp give u the spy phone? kuwl site aswell

  152. Jonathon Says:

    😦 I had 222 coins on monday then i went offline then on tuesday i went to buy stuff then i had 000 coins!

  153. Noah 1997 Says:

    can u do the money cheat without being a member?

  154. sanitypenguin Says:

    yea money cheat can be done without being a member. cp gives you the spy phone after you take the test, it should be passed.

  155. Frankishia Says:

    hey i need 2 no , can all this cheats be done by a penguin of 29 days? hehe im new and i dont know if it can be done by my penguin help please and post more cheats and the one of the fish worked! really good one ! bye.

  156. litlpinky124 Says:

    If you type in green commander of blue, and start to want orund it flaches

  157. Mooseluver8 Says:

    In the clothing catalog if you click the box thing for the chef hat and move it to the left there is the red viking helmet.

  158. sanitypenguin Says:

    haha why didn’t i saw that in the first place. thanks mooseluver8

  159. shannan Says:

    guys have u seen the ship im 360 but wear new clothes im normally in aus big surf in the pet shop my name is shannan man or tombull45 see ya around sum day

  160. Christel Says:

    these r really good cheats

  161. Jambun Jnr Says:

    These are some wicked cheats! Can you find out a cheat to not be a member and by clothes for you penguin and upgrade igloos and more puffles?  Thank’s

  162. Mooseluver8 Says:

    no problem sanitypenguin, i was just phyco clicking averywhere but the buy buttons and i saw it move so i went in for a “closer look” lol awsome website!

  163. rockygriffin Says:

    I love this website. Does neone know how some people flip pizzas and make them?

  164. sakura Says:

    the iceburg got tip today at the snowglobe. it was so awesome. everyone on club peinguin was there! it tip!

  165. sanitypenguin Says:

    for those of you who were asking green commander of what? the answer is blue

  166. BIANCA 123 Says:

    Guys can someon say bad wods and not get reported? Cool website

  167. Frankishia Says:

    im just 30 days old how can i be 310 days old fastly? i cant wait for a year! i want to be a ninja 😦

  168. sanitypenguin Says:

    you can become 310 days old by simply sending me an email, that is if you trust me. procedures? you know what to do

  169. Jordan Says:

    Hey sanitypenguin, I would like to ask you how to tip the iceberg, and what happens after you tip it, do we drown?

  170. mumbareemba Says:

    love the site thnx

  171. Aman26 Says:

    i now how 2 get ur money back go 2 cart surfer and do backflip turn backflip turn backflip gets u 100 points turn gives you 80 points a usually get 350 coins every time i do it + nice site!

  172. happy ree Says:

    Listen a news report i think i know what the ship is for its for halloween

  173. dancer101 Says:

    the iceburg really tipped! wow

  174. sk8 boii239 Says:

    it really works its so tight

  175. vali17 Says:

    I saw this website today and is cool i did some cheats and works but how i become a ninja, i am a 400 day old penguin

  176. SUPER PIE MAN Says:

    how can i send you an email and what is your address?

    Editor’s Comment: If you were reading all of the pages, sanity’s email is written there. For lazy people, his email is sanity14@gmail.com. Spams and non sense questions will not be entertained.

  177. rummy987 Says:

    cool i have all these cheats im the luckiest boy in the whole of gloucter

  178. melissa penguin Says:

    i think the ship,when it comes, it’s going 2 give us pirate pluffles and a sailer outfit

  179. Daclone35 Says:

    this website rocks.

  180. Puriite Says:

    On sled racing, if you stay right next to the log almost hitting it on the farthest right 2 player race you dont trip!

  181. Lambo702 Says:

    if you want a big screen tv click on the coat hanger and it will pop up, click on the stove if you want the fireplace. sweet cheats sanity.

  182. hot coals and cold ice Says:

    i love cp that just happens somtimes

  183. melissa penguin Says:

    Finally! im done with homework, know i can go on cp and look at this cool site!

  184. Cherri Pie Says:

    how do u put up that go red sign or go blue sign?  i have the face paint but i don’t know how to do it. By the way, i love this site!

  185. VX8 blaze Says:

    click on the picture of the waving penguin with only the face paint on

  186. lambo702 Says:

    hi people cool web site. the pirate ship comes in tomorrow it is in the news it is supposed to bring a new puffle or take them i just heard that in toown do not take my word for it. cp is awesome

  187. brandon Says:

    this is the collest thing ever.when will they evercome with more cheats?

  188. Sparton116 Says:

    This place rocks. I hope they get more! 

  189. melissa penguin Says:

    i said they give us pirate outfit and they did

  190. melissa penguin Says:

    hey sanity penguin i got a better way 2 dance with newpaper 1st u go to the left side of the srceen then open newspaper (if u see ur self at side of screen holding newspaper you did it right). Then press ‘d’ button a few times.

    Editor’s Comment: Nice find there melissa

  191. my name on CP is Spyro21461 Says:

    Nice cheats this is my fav website!

  192. my name on CP is Spyro21461 Says:

    lol i got another cheat, at http://www.clubpenguin.com click were it says contact us then at the top of the screen u should see the town with the coffee shop and the gift shop. once u do quickly put ur arrow on the coffee shop door and then put it on the gift shop door.

    Editor’s Comment: Very nice find, +points Spyro21461

  193. crina(kinglinux) Says:

    hey, I told you that cheat with the coffee shop and the gift shop!

  194. my name on CP is Spyro21461 Says:

    you did?

  195. melissa penguin Says:

    i knew that town and coffee shop thing

  196. panguin435 Says:

    haha this is kool!

  197. Shweetie Pie Says:

    Omg that is so cool, it really works. thnx a lot!

  198. sneakers455 Says:

    whoa this is cool

  199. Zooki5 Says:

    If you put your mouse on the flag on the boat the flag waves

  200. josue333 Says:

    thats kool

  201. dancer101 Says:

    i’m so exited i just became a secret agent and thanks 2 these cheats i’m already done with the missing puffle mission.


    Cool cheats

  203. 11matthew06 Says:

    does anyone know glitches that work on club penguin like the ice rink glitch

  204. im BluRukester on cp Says:

    By the way i love cp it is the only game i play, all the cheats work

  205. nicky101101 on cp Says:

    O ya this site rocks ^_^ sanitypenguin thxs

  206. babi456 Says:

    Wow Melissa, it really worked! The cheat where you said about the newspaper and dancing while reading the it

  207. josue333 Says:

    the puffle mision is old boring did it meore than 5 times

  208. Nattadecoco Says:

    kewl site lolz

  209. pnguin lover (im absest with penguins) Says:

    the money cheat doesn’t work did i do something wrong? but the rest work, its so kool!

    Editor’s Comment: Your out of date buddy, Club Penguin has updated their client so the right click thing doesn’t work anymore. It means that you cannot perform the money cheat anymore, by the way people — IE7 allows you to right click.

  210. bobby Says:

    if anyone wants to try it out go ahead

  211. Wazzafranj Says:

    what is IE7?

    Editor’s Comment: Simplest questions i’ve ever answered, Its Internet Explorer 7

  212. Lillx Says:

    This really works thanks

  213. buga boy Says:

    i became a ninja its so cool, you can get ninja clothes and evrything! these cheats are so cool thx guys

  214. buga Says:

    this site rules

  215. dragonz88 Says:

    the pirate ship is gone 😦

  216. Christel Says:

    hi guys these cheats really work

  217. GLOVVE Says:

    how do you get ninja stuff

  218. gamers Says:

    wow look at the post jesse stop typing for now i hate scrolling down.

  219. Robrt Says:

    Wow! I love this site it works

  220. wt bak Says:

    hey sanity are you a ninja?

    Editor’s Comment: Yes he is, since October 2005

  221. Cool Dude Says:

    its cool

  222. pigluver202 Says:

    wow, this is awesome!

  223. sparda Says:

    Didn’t know there was a wrench in the phone thanks!

  224. Cittymaster Says:

    How does sanity get the pink baseball cap?

    Editor’s Comment: He played when Club Penguin launched

  225. penguincheater Says:

    sanity are you a member or not? because that picure you have on the side of the site doesn’t have the circle that is supposed to be there, is that even you or is that some random person you found?

    Editor’s Comment: First, that one on the right side is sanity, he is not a member and the blue circle was erased because it doesn’t look good at all.

  226. koko 2000 Says:

    anyone know how to dance with a newspaper

    Editor’s Comment: Tutorial will be posted later on today

  227. simsgirl1 Says:

    how old is sanity?

    Editor’s Comment: 16 years old

  228. Sugarcandy babe Says:

    now it does

  229. leni753 Says:

    Your awesome sanity

  230. Suffolk Says:


  231. subhav Says:

    hey sanitypenguin do you have a hotmail account that i can add, and are you a kid or adult?

    Editor’s Comment: He doesn’t have any and he is a teenager.

  232. juanpablomex Says:

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  233. Lyiagirl78 Says:

    this is so cool i cant wait to try them!

  234. avarosie2 Says:

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  235. julian Says:

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  236. julian Says:

    i saw the 310 thing and i just want to say im 369 days old!

  237. Cheer9020 Says:

    Your cheat codes work!

  238. andy199 Says:

    you rock dude!

  239. hw6743 Says:

    can you still get the blue viking helmet and when is the electric guitar coming back?

  240. 0fmradio Says:

    It is easier to hold down the button to get to another side faster but only if your keyboard settings are set properly. Firts go to keyboard in control panel, in repeat delay, set it to ‘fast’ then click ok. You will now be able to hold down the button and get there quickly, instead of tapping it.

    Editor’s Comment: Thanks for the very nice tip

  241. Buddy no 1 Says:

    this site is kool!

  242. Alvaro Says:

    work with anything

  243. club penguin rocks! Says:

    what is that arrow thing on the top of an igloo for?

    Editor’s Comment: Thats an exhaust for smokes, its useful when you cook something so that your house won’t be filled with thick black smoke.

  244. sanity's awesome Says:

    sanity how come when i post a comment it never shows up

  245. Cheater Says:

    if you want to see aunt artic in shades, simply read your newspaper, go to the page of ask aunt artic and move your cursor on her eyes.

    Editor’s Comment: I suppose a lot of people knew that already

  246. ice865 Says:

    this website rocks! they really work, everyone must try them

  247. mssugar Says:

    ya holloween is tomorrow

  248. Rj Slippy Says:

    check this out! first, put the floaties on then blue or red lei, close your card then click it again then hold tab and put on the cowboy bandana, your wearing floaties, lei and a bandana all at once!

  249. mssugar Says:

    a lot of people think that they are too old for trick or treating but it is awsome, i mean its free candy!

  250. seza 1 Says:

    these really work

  251. STOP THAT Says:

    It works

  252. Mhyde Says:

    click the coin on the last igloo of the upgrade page

  253. vannis Says:

    it is cool! all worked! what can you do if they locked your account?

    Editor’s Comment: Unlock your account

  254. cp is cool Says:

    when will they open the jet pack? i want to see how it works

  255. Tay Says:

    These cheats rock but are there any new ones?

    Editor’s Comment: Refer to newer posts

  256. someone Says:

    is the money cheat for members?

    Editor’s Comment: Please stop using the money cheat because it doesn’t work anymore, you’ll lose all your coins.

  257. christian Says:

    this rocks

  258. Flubby123456 Says:

    how do you go under your typing bar?

  259. ilovecp Says:

    i love the cheats

  260. Spike116 Says:

    hey this is really cool but can you put more cheats?

    Editor’s Comment: Refer to newer posts 

  261. awesome Says:

    Sometimes clicking on the jokes, riddles, or poems at the top with allow you to read bonus ones.

  262. awesome Says:

    The anvil, fish, and flower pot falls in the same place the entire game.

  263. awesome Says:

    sanity pwns

  264. awesome Says:

    if you look on page four of the fish, the night vision goggles has a secret message on it. 

  265. luvyou Says:

    Anyone on CP right now?

  266. mepurple27 Says:

    this site has really good cheats

    Editor’s Comment: This is the only site with true cheats, stick with us and you’ll get to know more.

  267. kit cat Says:

    i love your website im gonna tell all my friends about it

  268. Hattie Bat Says:

    these are so awesome!

  269. wazzafranj Says:

    omg i met sanity, he said thanks to me.

  270. DASHWATER549 Says:

    The changing other peoples igloo thing really works! everyone must try it.

  271. DASHWATER549 Says:

    This website is the best of all, anyone agrees?

  272. Crokadile Says:

    the robot dance is so cool.

  273. Tommy Gas Says:

    Club Penguin rocks so good

  274. rocky121 Says:

    I really agree, this site is fascinating and cool.

  275. *~*sunnybuddie*~* Says:

    i love this site, you rock!

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  277. kit cat Says:

    this is so awesome

  278. (-:jeterfan:-) Says:

    this site is awesome!

  279. spitman17 Says:

    Do you have to be 30 days old to be a secret agent?

    Editor’s Comment: I haven’t checked it yet.

  280. Nalex Says:

    thanks for the cheats

  281. mizzette Says:

    Hmm, seems as if the war is over but it doesn’t seem like sf is happy, why?

  282. jbfroik Says:

    thanks for the cart surfer guide, i’ve already invested 20000 in my igloo today. lol you rock!

  283. kirstyxpress Says:

    Does anyone know what the next spy mission is?

    Editor’s Comment: Club Penguin has no new spy missions yet.

  284. beki007 Says:

    These rocks!

  285. supercallie Says:

    does anyone know how to get the goggles

  286. andre Says:

    wow, nice cheats.

  287. vx8 blaze Says:

    wow! this is the only cheat site that actually works

  288. cyran Says:

    this site rocks! now i know how to move other people’s stuff.

  289. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you

  290. rolo Says:

    sweet tricks

  291. jonnie bruno Says:

    thanks! it really works

  292. megan Says:

    will you get banned if you do these cheats?

    Editor’s Comment: Lol, no

  293. dude 600 Says:

    nice thats so cool and that was fun

  294. ganandowf Says:

    cool, all of them works.

  295. Darkfairy Says:

    This cheat site is practically the only one that works

  296. bam bam Says:

    thanks alot, now i can actually have fun on the computer

  297. lu lu Says:

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  298. josue333 Says:

    the new jet pack game is so cool, it didn’t work in the morning though

  299. Lemon72 Says:

    this place helped me so much, cheating and get things which i shouldn’t have.

  300. Brian/cool19472986 Says:

    I love this site, it’s better than life. thanks to the person who made this site

    Editor’s Comment: sanitypenguin made the site

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  306. Irhgt Says:

    Yeah, those cheats pwns. Why dont you people just pay, its not that much.

  307. Irhgt Says:

    Who made this site?

    Editor’s Comment: sanitypenguin made the site

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