Here we go..


Just started this blog and will be updating almost daily..feel free to comment.


30 Responses to “Here we go..”

  1. dude38 Says:

    dude this thing is sweet

  2. alex Says:

    what the heck is this blog for?!

  3. Narat123 Says:

    the lighthouse it will open on September22,2006 what will the lighthouse look like or what will be the free item?

  4. sanitypenguin Says:

    the best thing to do is wait for september 22 and see it for yourself, people will not get interested if they know what it looks like. right?

  5. Narat123 Says:

    alex Says:
    what the heck is this blog for?!
    he’s totally asking a question sanitypenguin answer alex now!

  6. dex Says:

    i love penguins and club penguin so I LOVE YOU

  7. 12 im cool Says:


  8. sportsgirl51 Says:

    I can answer Momichi. No, because the people have to pay for things if the are. I is a little rediculous,for a computer game, but hey? It is a little hard to have the word “Opps” popping at you all the time.
    Too many messages for me! bye.

  9. Gitgo Says:

    who just missed the summer party and the lighthouse is a retared because its the best in Club Penguin!

  10. coco955 Says:

    club penguin is so cool. but it would be cooler if you guys would come out with different stuff. like different colored puffel’s.Also you guys chould make it so not members can get stuff that they can’t get for there puffle.That would be nicer and it would make the game more fun and it would make the people that aren’t members a lot I mean alot more happyer.I know a person that plays on Club Penguin that is not a member and he gets really mad when he can’t get stuff that he saved for and he finds out that he can’t get it! So that is a little note that you guy’s and girls should think of. Thank you so much player coco955

  11. messss Says:

    dude ths web site rocks

  12. matt masters Says:

    this is a cool site ur so cool club penguin rocks and get some cheats on here

  13. sweetie23456 Says:

    man club penguin is the bbest thing in that world i love it but thay could make the newpaper come out every 4 day instead of 7

  14. angelluver Says:

    my friend said a “bad word” and now they can’t go on for 23 hours and 53 min. it bad for them.

  15. i luv cp Says:

    this site is so cool;)

  16. Monkeyman10 Says:

    Awesom it works!

  17. andre Says:

    dude i love theis thing

  18. Jordan Says:

    Dude this is so frigen cool!

  19. basketgirl18 Says:

    when one of your buddys is on, you can type part of their name and their player card will show up.

  20. Munchies42 Says:

    im the coolest penguin on cp peple think i not cool at all but i am, i can nub and do snowball superball which is secret

  21. cjcj1993 Says:

    i know how 2 do that too

  22. jukksin Says:

    How do you people know all this stuff?

  23. Wwb1996 Says:

    by learning certain things do in club penguin

  24. Wwb1996 Says:

    i no the robot dance but only u can see it

  25. 2penguin23 Says:

    there is a smily face at the bottom of this page

    Editor’s Comment: Yah, you found the WordPress secret

  26. Saywe Says:

    Hey sanity penguin how old are you are you a boy or a girl and what server do you go to?

  27. Saywe Says:

    How did you get these cheats?

  28. yankees8866 Says:

    how can i do the fast snowball throw?

    Editor’s Comment: Simply press ‘T’ on your keyboard and click on someone or something

  29. cutie Says:


  30. Sakura Says:

    haha, i kinda love this blog or is this a website?

    Editor’s Comment: Specifically a blog

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