You are free to comment on what you think about my blog, it may be positive or negative but please take note of the words which you will use.


40 Responses to “Comments”

  1. HubmaN Says:

    wonderful website!

  2. sanitypenguin Says:

    thank you very much HubmaN, we hope that you and all other viewers will spread the word about this website

  3. canadien58 Says:


  4. click HAHAHHA Says:

    forget what i sed b4… :p

  5. Narat123 Says:

    this is an awsome website and cool like the =))

  6. Narat123 Says:

    hi canaidien58 how are you
    sorry about the off topic i’m just greeting canadien58

  7. Narat123 Says:

    and this is an awsome place for comments!

  8. Narat123 Says:

    hi canadien58

  9. Cheedo Says:

    I love this site (and Club Penguin) . I need to get a camera and take a picture of my penguin. I would give this site an 8 1/2 – 9 1/2 out of 10 because I really think this is a really good website, but i love talking and reading and me personally would like to have a few more pages on my website.

  10. sanitypenguin Says:

    thanks guys

  11. rocky121 Says:

    Your website works i love it i will tell everyone i know about your exelent website! its so super cool! you rock!

  12. tyler Says:

    what does ep for puffle mean

  13. Cocoa1 Says:

    This site is the BOMB!! rock on Club P.!!! 🙂

  14. aunt arctic Says:

    what a nice site you have here…

  15. Raffles Says:

    This site is happy!

  16. mariahcarey Says:

    thissite is PIMP! i get all kinds of cheats!

  17. Brother From Another Mother Says:

    like it much, but please know that you need to make the font more exciting….

  18. jessiewessieissooomessy Says:

    i love this web it iso helpfull thanks

  19. animalfan Says:

    some people hate cp! weird to hear right? well anyways this site rocks and im new sending messages on this site so i hope i meet some friends on it whos site is this agen? they rock at it. i am a chatty flirty gal so this site is perfect for me! also includidng that penguins are my fave animals! all these cheats and stuff really work its awesome! i luv glitches there so kool! Omg! i cant make anything better no fair (lol) club penguin rocks dont it? totally like really but isnt it weird some people don’t like cp OMG! whoops i repeated myself lol sry bout that im like 276 days old on cp sanity u seem like such a nice penguin hopes to meet u on club penguin sometime hopefully we’ll become friends hfl!=) cya sometime bye!

  20. club penguin luver Says:

    omg how can u not luv cp its awoesome im a full member but um i have some friends that cant b members so um cam they get like get the hat and da shirt o and da viking helmet click on da slippers and click on da head band buy a red shirt

  21. max Says:

    do you know a cheat for winning secret levels on astro barrier level 10

  22. zachary Says:

    I always wondered if there would be a time where you can give coins to each other.

  23. Cheedo Says:

    it probably will happen zachary

  24. WETBAK Says:

    ok sanity i found an awesome glitch, first u put what ever u want on then exit out the player card. Put the card back up and put on the clown outfit but make sure not to exit out of the player card and after that do the dance. If done correctly then u will be doing sanity’s robot and your outfit will have a life of its own. enjoy the secret and sanity keep up the good work.

    Editor’s Comment: Thanks for the nice contribution

  25. lamby100 Says:

    When you play the coffee bean game thingy there are only six trucks so if you can unload six trucks perfectly you will get 60 bonus points.

  26. Roller005 Says:

    are you working on a new trainer for cp?

  27. Xforeversoul Says:

    This web is awesome, somebody told me their password and they said hack me, when i went on his account he had so much furniture and items. How do i send the stuff to my account?

    Editor’s Comment: You cannot send items or furnitures to your account, unless moderators do so.

  28. penguin Says:

    I love this site and was wondering if you knew what the other costumes will be, i cant wait for halloween thanks

    Editor’s Comment: There would be the awaited Ghost Sheet

  29. earl can Says:

    sanity1 is pretty smart but i got more secrets up my sleve.

  30. wow billy coolj Says:

    This site is so good, I cant stop going on it. Its to good, aw im super glued to it. Help! I cant get off this excellent site.

  31. Sakura Says:

    wow! this is really an awesome website! im so going to introduce this to everyone who is playing Club Penguin, they are sure coming here to read everything

    Editor’s Comment: Thanks a lot

  32. Penguaholic Says:

    This is an awsome website! thanks for the stuff!

  33. Ryan Goodwin Says:

    This website is so awesome, if everyone was a member of Club Penguin.

  34. ela23 Says:

    omg sanity you rock, lol i love your website so much and i visit it like everyday. i cant believe your so smart, ive told like 15 friends about it and now they like all go on this website as well! thanks so much, i love all the stuff

    Editor’s Comment: sanity said thank you also

  35. rocky121 Says:

    This website is so cool, almost made me speechless.

  36. hopkid2 Says:

    this site totally rocks, i love it! thanks a lot sanity

  37. penguinmaster Says:

    this site is so cool!

  38. rocky121 Says:

    your website is a work of art! i cannot believe how encridible this site is!

  39. Mod189 Says:

    great website

  40. Operation Penguin Says:

    i love this site so much

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