Well… i was jumping through places in the map because i was getting bored. Look at what i found


Go green!


26 Responses to “Green?”

  1. cookie Says:

    go black and join canadien58 army his cool he made me sergeant

  2. Narat123 Says:

    how about um… black? because i want black or you just do the drilling club!

  3. Narat123 Says:

    why in the picture there is a light blue penguin and the dark green penguin not light green penguin?

  4. Narat123 Says: hey like this picture?

  5. sanitypenguin Says:

    theres a light green and a dark green because the color was not specified by the leader, the light blue penguin is our enemy coz he doesn’t want to be like us. and that image is mine not yours.

  6. Narat123 Says:

    um thanks for telling me because i don’t know about it 😦

  7. Narat123 Says:

    um sanitypenguin i have 1 question:are you mad at me and what’s your name at ClubPenguin?

  8. gamesmaster Says:

    thats well weard

  9. sanitypenguin Says:

    lol narat im not mad at you or anyone else, but i hate people asking me hacks on how to be a member(leechers) and rippers.

  10. Narat123 Says:

    sanitypenguin i’m not a hacker

  11. sanitypenguin Says:

    i dont think you understand at all. first, i didn’t say you were a hacker and second, im referring to other people not you. clear?

  12. chixocool619 Says:

    i am the one who started the (green team) to fight all the other colors im the one on the top right tip

  13. rocky121 Says:

    Well… green is cool but blue or red would look even cooler. sainty penguin your uncooling this cool site…

  14. sanitypenguin Says:

    it’s totally not my fault, im not the one who chose the color 😀

  15. josue333 Says:

    sanity kool site but how do u make tose fases

  16. Raffles Says:

    red is better

  17. creator of club penguin Says:

    1 year ago black and red were very famous

  18. peter Says:

    i love green 🙂 (-:

  19. animalfan Says:

    green and purple are my fave colors GO GREEN!! i wish i was their besides blue was so in style like, 2 years ago

  20. animalfan Says:

    lol no offense to people who like blue =)

  21. sanitypenguin Says:

    i also like blue, but i prefer black for my penguin.

  22. kittycat 125 Says:

    anyone have any nw cheats

  23. SUPER PIE MAN Says:

    go yellow!

  24. kirk Says:

    just to tell you all me and my friend zee zo made the green club thingy up, we call it the grean mean fighting machine team

  25. icyer Says:

    thats cool

  26. bluedarkblue (ellie) Says:

    sanity, do you like dark or light blue?

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