I made an update on the Club Penguin Cheats post, i added the move patterns for the cart surfer game, if you are able to do the pattern correctly..you may get 463 coins per game.


23 Responses to “Update”

  1. smileyblooo Says:

    Hey um how do u sign up for this website? Not club penguin this website!

  2. sanitypenguin Says:

    if you want a free blog then go to wordpress.com

  3. shamorak Says:

    how do you get 463 coins in the pattern for cart surfer for each game email me back

  4. sanitypenguin Says:


  5. volcomgirl Says:

    yea i tried it and it didnt work(cart surfer)

  6. Narat123 Says:

    me i always get 300 coins when i play cart surfer PER GAME

  7. Cheedo Says:

    I always get 250 i’m a loser

  8. bri bri Says:

    haha i get 400 lol

  9. shadowsong82 Says:

    Soemtimes I got 519 coins from cart surfer. Really

  10. TIM Says:

    i got 600 once!

  11. josue333 Says:

    i can only get 300 😦

  12. mariahcarey Says:

    I got 550 coins once!!! It was awsome!!!!

  13. jessiewessieissooomessy Says:

    i got 600!!!!!

  14. AndrewJohnson Says:

    I can get around 335, luckly i can get 350

  15. natalie aka cuddlepuppy Says:

    the most ive ever gotten is 354 how do you get 600?

  16. gnuu Says:

    well on cart surfer i got 750! no really i did

  17. fahd Says:

    i got 2000 coins one

  18. Frankishia Says:

    how do u get so much coins? i just get like 200 😦

  19. tomas Says:

    i got 1200 once!

  20. Daclone35 Says:

    In astro barrier i usually get 700 coins. Beat that!

  21. manabam Says:

    I always get 400 coins or more. I also found a glitch with that game. If you lose your connection alot then play Cart Surfer and you may get more coins than you were supposed to get. I was once supposed to get 470 but there was a glitch and I got 750 coins. There is no way to activate that glitch but it usaully happens when you lose your connection alot.

  22. Cp Cittymaster Says:

    cheedo i know your pain. I usally get 280 coins. i am a loser too!

  23. bluedarkblue (ellie) Says:

    me too, i usually get 289 or 300 at the most.

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