Trainer Release


Im still patiently waiting for the trainer release by Jake. This isn’t much but it is pretty much all you need for your CP hacking needs. I am pretty sure the avatar hack works, because i personaly let other players use the beta release. An Item ID# list in a textfile will also be included in the download which you’ll need for matching the ID# to the item you want to hack. To get the coin hack to work correctly so that the coin amount you entered stays on your account is to turn on the coin hack before logging in, enter the amount you want, log in to CP and turn off your coin hack. I’m also not sure if the swear hack is actually working. So please visit the site every now and then for further updates. 


3 Responses to “Trainer Release”

  1. surley Says:

    so how do u do it? i dont understand?

  2. Narat123 Says:

    yes how do you buy stuff even i’m a non-member?

  3. coolguy Says:

    it really works

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