CP Trainer Update – Bad News


I updated it but apparently they have got around to fixing the coin/membership hack. I tried all i could using just the trainer to get around these problems but i failed so all you can do is use the current trainer hacks and use packet editors/memory editors for coin hack, etc. I also added a moderator hack which you can change who is a moderator to you but not sure if works exactly or not. It should load the game always now with no problems as well.

Jake opiumtest.blogspot.com

Update 9/17/06

Download Here – CPTrainer2.zip
Download – item#s ( you need this for the avatar hack )


20 Responses to “CP Trainer Update – Bad News”

  1. volcomgirl Says:

    what is it?

  2. sanitypenguin Says:

    it does work but the cp member and coin hack has been patched so all you can do is to use memory and packet editors.

  3. Lotzie13 Says:

    Does this work? And how do you download it? Also, what is an avitar hack?
    Plz tell me.

  4. Narat123 Says:

    yes what is an avatar hack? or is the avatar hack meaning your copying the avatar of others?

  5. rocky121 Says:

    avatar hacks are easy to use if dont know your not worthy

  6. HubmaN Says:

    the link doesn’t work…

  7. peter Says:

    it still loads up but the stuff doesn’t work

  8. magz Says:

    do other people see you d othe avatar hack

  9. James Grosso Says:

    how do u get to see ninjas on the n in the word nightclub

  10. dombeef Says:

    how do you use this?

  11. vital viper fan! Says:

    i dont know how to use this can you show me how to?

  12. huskers777 Says:

    how does this work

  13. Jack Says:

    hi it worked on me except when it comes to the buying clothes and furniture it freezes on me wot should i do?

  14. gamcube master Says:

    try the best you can to get it fixed

  15. tg Says:

    yah i tried the member hack and when i tried buying clothes it freezes and when i buy furniture it says that the item does not exist.

  16. Del Zotto Says:

    where i must write downloads?

  17. vital viper fan! Says:

    sanitypenguin when i try the avatar hack it does not give me anything

    Editor’s Comment: Your probably doing the wrong thing

  18. trimaster Says:

    Editor’s Note: The avatar hack doesn’t work anymore, your the only one who can see it now so its clientside. Please stop asking questions regarding the trainer.

  19. waddles Says:

    hey do you know a way to log off using the trainer so you can keep the items?

    Editor’s Comment: You cannot log out using the trainer

  20. mizzette Says:

    it works, but i can’t buy anything because it freezes.

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