Hidden Pin


The hidden pin for september 15 is the lighthouse pin, which is located at the Plaza on the light post.


13 Responses to “Hidden Pin”

  1. click HAHAHHA Says:

    um ok, maybe u should also post where the 5 light bubls are for nebs

  2. Maya Says:

    im looking for the way to become a secret agent i dont know how so please get back to me if you know the thanks!

    -Maya Leavy-

  3. sanitypenguin Says:

    to become an instant secret agent, just download CPTrainer2.zip posted on this blog, and then use the penguin age hack set it to 30 and take the test.

  4. Narat123 Says:

    so to be a secret agent is your penguin should be 30 days or more to be a secret agent in clubpenguin or all the pins are clover,music,plant,pizza slice,balloon,horseshoe,hockey pulk,soccer ball,astro,lighthouse

  5. Narat123 Says:

    um everyone knows where the lighthouse pin are 🙂

  6. tediz12 Says:

    i could find all the pins in the game

  7. Caitlin Says:

    I found a glitch. type in the ply.clubpenguin.com thing with all the glitches. log on and you’ll probably be in the town. then on the trees there be a white line through them. then you will be able to go off the screen

  8. josue333 Says:

    on september 30 the pin is hiden in the mountain

  9. aki Says:

    i want to know where the new pin is hidden (the pin on 29th september) because i can’t find it!

  10. Daclone35 Says:

    my very first pin was the hockey stick.

  11. blingblingboy Says:

    where did you find the hockey stick? and where is the pizza slice?

  12. kirk Says:

    some one told me that theres a secret place that has ghost and pluffles so if you know where it is then please post on this board thank you

  13. josue333 Says:

    my very first pin was the horseshoe

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