Lightbulb Scavenger Hunt


For those who doesn’t know where the lightbulbs are here are the exact location. 1 bulb can be found on the plaza between the pet shop and pizza building, another bulb can be found inside the dance club hidden at the uper left speaker, another bulb is hidden in the boiler room on the top box at the left corner, another bulb is hidden at the mine shack behind the cart, the last bulb can be found at the lodge attic hidden on the rocking horse toy.


14 Responses to “Lightbulb Scavenger Hunt”

  1. sanitypenguin Says:

    the lodge attic…go to ski village and enter the house beside the ski shop and when your inside the house you will find a ladder, there you will find the lodge attic.

  2. penguinman Says:

    the prize for finding everything is not really good. its only a lightnouse background for ur playercard.

  3. rebbonehead Says:

    hey yall go to my web site please4 visit it it is awesome

  4. sanitypenguin Says:

    really cool site rebecca i luv the brown eyes one, it sniffs the mouse pointer 😀

  5. click HAHAHHA Says:

    k and um… whats the point of that site?

  6. ooo Says:

    Where’s the boiler room?~

  7. Narat123 Says:

    the boiler is in the dance club go to the right radio so click it (should be a secret!)

  8. Narat123 Says:

    the prize is the lighthouse packround like the missing band instruments the prize is the band backround right?

  9. sanitypenguin Says:

    yep the prize for the lightbulb scavenger hunt is the lighthouse background, pretty lame but its kinda limited edition.

  10. bla bla Says:

    The scavenger hunt is over!

  11. animalfan Says:

    i luv the lighthouse! and i did the scavenger hunt i had trouble finding the third bulb its in the lodge attic in the rocking horse one time in the lobby of the lighthouse we were standing on the little floor on the stairs and we were throwing snoballs at the band and they were supposed to b flowers cuz the song rocks! (is it irish music? well im irish) anyways, we started to play games. we played tag, races to the top of the lighthouse, sang with the band, and played hot potato (dont ask..) it was so much fun! when we were singing with the band we acted like stars, i was kelly clarkson another person was hannah montana someone else was billy joe from greenday and i forget the rest.. well cant wait to c yal on club penguin!

  12. animalfan Says:

    im bummed i thought the prize for the scavenger hunt was gonna b clothing but who cares? besides, i still luv the backround and the hunt was awesomely-fun..i no im weird lol idc!

  13. Daclone35 Says:

    go the lighthouse

  14. penguin Gitgo Says:

    its so easy

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