I will be releasing my CPclient today, this is not a hack program so leechers doesn’t get anything from this one.

Music Selector 1-6
Chat Bar
Action Bar
Buddy Request
Game Screen
Lock Client Position
Center Client

Download – CPclient


9 Responses to “CPclient”

  1. click HAHAHHA Says:

    totally sweet, but it aint as good as that old hackers program fo CP called club penguin trainer 😦

  2. bot tle man Says:

    I am so doing this! Please do it quick!

  3. Narat123 Says:

    you’ll banned at clubpenguin if your a hacker because a mod is banning the hackers FOREVER

  4. Narat123 Says:

    so Bot Tle Man are you banned in cp or forums?

  5. JulAy Says:

    whats a hit?

  6. peter Says:

    lol i love it. its kool and legal you carn,t get banned under there agreement

  7. mario8 Says:

    lol love it can ‘t get banned

  8. MARIO8 Says:

    Nice one i love that and when u download it and ur internet plug gone u can use that right so am adding this on my website its so good thanks to u! 😀

  9. kid Says:

    hey its cool but i agree that cp trainer kiks more booty!

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