Grand opening of the lighthouse


The lighthouse grand opening was really awesome, love the music and people crowding inside. If you go to the beacon, you will see free red sailor caps which is usable by all Club Penguin players. I got one already because it will be removed in a few days.


7 Responses to “Grand opening of the lighthouse”

  1. Archie26026 Says:

    The light house is so cool I was in it

  2. akshay Says:

    wow! i loved it, i also got the cap and the music was cool!

  3. angelluver Says:

    yah it was cool i love the music for some reason

  4. peter Says:

    the music was strange, but i hope you will be able to have it in your home. im strange

  5. animalfan Says:

    those hats r so kool i mean seriously i luv em!

  6. Janine Says:

    the hats are so cool! i got 1 on the first day and now i wear it all the time!

  7. kamakoro99 Says:

    i was through it all the way man

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