Secret Furnitures


These are the secret furnitures for the month september, about the HQ secret message it says blast off, because there are rockets at the beacon i dont know what they are called. Just check it out.

5000 C Big-Screen TV – Coat Rack
1200 C Fire Place – Electric Stove

Any additions? Post em here


11 Responses to “Secret Furnitures”

  1. Max Says:

    No additions. xD

  2. James Grosso Says:

    on the moosehead theres a 50ft dancefloor.

  3. animalfan Says:

    wasnt there something on the tree trunk?

  4. Amity Says:

    umm theres nothing on the moose head

  5. kirk Says:

    ya thats cool

  6. Pumpkin Says:

    yea the big screen si really expensive I wish i could have a money cheat for it!

  7. patrick71610 Says:

    im a member i wont miss out

  8. evan Says:

    in the igloo catalog you can click the light of the gym and get a secret stone igloo and you can click on the coin thing to the regular igloo and theres a secret deluxe stone igloo

  9. kamakoro99 Says:

    im a new member in cheat penguin but i’ve done every cheat sanity told me and it works!

  10. CheesyYale Says:

    lol the stone igloos works! they rock for Halloween!

  11. sourspritz Says:

    there is a pink and puple couch! rock on Club Penguin, get the new things.

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