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Hey fellow Cheat Penguins! I want to congratulate everyone of us because we have just reached 97,000 Hits and going. I think this number should go up, right? In order for it to increase, we need contributors and advertisers. Submit cheats, hints, tips, glitches, and hacks regarding Club Penguin. Any contributor who will be chosen by the administrators will be given an ingame prize of 100,000 C.

This will end on the 11th month of the year.


12 Responses to “Support our website”

  1. eugene krabs Says:

    How do I get the prize for doing this?

  2. dombeef Says:


  3. dean Says:

    this site is asome

  4. jlgvv Says:

    wow! this is awesome

  5. Suresh Gundappa Says:

    you guys have a great site. you probably deseve more hits

  6. sanitypenguin Says:

    thanks everyone!

  7. Pheebs Says:

    This is great. I really like your logo by the way.

  8. kamakoro99 Says:

    i’m telling all my friends cause this is a good site! no bad stuff, and leet Club Penguin stuff woot!

  9. zim43 Says:

    to get the secret stone igloo click on the right light to get the delux secret stone igloo click on the coin thats for the snow igloo

  10. The Rid3r Says:

    this site rocks

  11. heyy Says:

    hey i love the robot dance it rocks

  12. Cp Cittymaster Says:

    this website rocks, i have told a lot of people on Club Penguin about this.

    Editor’s Comment: Thanks

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