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Congratulations to everyone!

October 30, 2006

Support our website — September 30th, we asked you to submit cheats, hints, tips, glitches, and hacks regarding Club Penguin and any contributor who will be chosen by the administrators will be given an ingame prize of 100,000 C. The event will end on November 1, 2006 wednesday, the top 3 contributors will be posted on or before the event ends. Keep those comments coming!

Top 3 contributors:
1. penguincheater – a loyal member of the Cheat Penguin
2. KING COBRA 2 – found the word jetpack on the mysterious cloud
3. 2penguin23 – newspaper secret finder

Chosen: Congratulations to penguincheater!

Note: If you win, you will recieve an email from sanitypenguin asking you if you want to accept the 100,000 C. However, if the winner doesn’t want the prize, it will be given to other Cheat Penguin contributors.


How to be a ninja

October 30, 2006

There are no ninjas yet, only Billybob, rsnail, screenhog, gizmo, happy77 and other moderators can get ninja clothes and stuff. I went to the Club Penguin mod site which is — you will not be able to enter the site because they blocked it, i had a sneak peak on the current projects for 2006 and discovered that ninjas will be implemented later on November.

How to be a ninja

First, go to the dojo which is located at the upper right part of the mountains then stay on one place, don’t move or even walk for 30 minutes. The max time limit for idles is 10 minutes, to extend the time simply talk, dance or throw snowballs. After that, you will be able to see three penguins with blue and black bands then they will ask you if you want to be a ninja, do this quickly or you will miss the chance to be one.

Note: Don’t do it today because it will never work, just try it on November. Im not sure if they will be implementing next month, so don’t blame me if they dont. Another thing, since i posted the tutorial, people should stop asking questions on how to be one.

DragonFable game review

October 29, 2006


DragonFable is a single-player game, but many quests will allow you to bring up to two of your friend’s characters with you. You will also be able to take a lot of in-game characters like Artix, Galanoth, Robina and Warlic with you.The battle system allows you to fight extremely fast 3 vs 3 battles. You will gain new, special abilities as you level up and eventually unlock new character classes. Choosing the right friends to take with you on quests, and a little bit of strategy, will give you a huge advantage.

Noobies who doesn’t want to work hard should read this

First, download Cheat Engine then set the configurations to value type double and rounded default

HP&MP: First Scan the amount of your HP&MP while your in a battle, go back to DF and let the monster attack you, now look for your new HP&MP then type it on the value box and hit Next Scan, you should have 2 values left. Add the addresses then change the values to 999999 and freeze it.

1 Hit: Buy a new weapon at the shop then First Scan your minimum damage, go back to DF and equip the new weapon, Next Search the new minimum damage. After doing that, you should have 1 address left, add the address. Do the same with the maximum damage then change both of the values to 999999.

Hint: XP and gold can also be changed, i’ll let you figure them out.

mIRC project open for beta testing

October 28, 2006

IRC is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk; you’ll find the whole diversity of human interests, ideas, and issues here, and you’ll be able to participate in group discussions on one of the many thousands of IRC channels, on hundreds of IRC networks, or just talk in private to family or friends, wherever they are in the world.

This is one of our project for 2006, we planned to make an mIRC channel because we wanted to have a close relationship to all the people reading the site. It can also be used for support purposes, so we encourage you to join the Cheat Penguin mIRC channel.

To join the channel, you need to download mIRC 6.03 and install it on your computer. Find DALnet: EU,IT,games on the IRC Network then connect, now type /join #CheatPenguin on the chatbar.

Download – mIRC 6.03 in Illinois

Pumpkin pin and mysterious cloud

October 28, 2006


The pumpkin pin is hidden at the dock on the right side of the little pumpkin patch and the free wizard hat is on the snow forts, okay i suppose you knew that. Did anyone saw the green mysterious cloud on the left side of the ice berg? Its kinda amusing and at the same time scary, by the way here are the current statistics of Club Penguin.

Parties: 12
free party items given away: 16
rooms added: 16
newspapers printed: 53
games to play: 10

Walking with a newspaper

October 28, 2006

First, go to then go inside the book room and wait until somebody starts a game, join in when the ‘Do you want to join the game’ appears, click yes and go to the couch very fast. Again, drag a player card to the left and make sure the mail button is againts the left screen then click on the newspaper, now send a mail to anyone then dance. Now go to the town then go back to the place where you did the newspaper dance, you should be walking with a paper now. To check if it really works, try asking your friends.