Club Penguin v1.20.409


Did you know?

October 2006 was the month when Club Penguin turns to v1.20.409, there are many features and items too. I have been listing down the version updates, here they are. v1.20.409 has a new interface, it lets you remember your account on your computer. If you haven’t noticed, the servers are listed in vertical position. About the game updates, they currently released the new version of the Penguin Times, spy phones will now appear on your player cards, and ofcourse its already October so buy your spooky gears now.

Current Items:
550 C Black Cape
100 C Superhero Mask
500 C Superhero Cape
210 C Clown Wig
450 C Clown Suit
300 C Clown Shoes
800 C Roman Soldier Helmet
150 C Yellow Scarf

I also found the 250 C Black Cowboy Hat hidden on the CP print on the Green Letterman Jacket.


18 Responses to “Club Penguin v1.20.409”

  1. paintboy100 Says:

    there are two new backrounds too!

  2. debbie Says:

    i love the new version because you dont have to tipe your name our password so you dont have to do all that tiping and if your tiping your password so if your friend looks at the key bord he dosent see your password.

  3. jon123321/irockjon1234 Says:

    i know its awsome

  4. something Says:

    i dont get it and what is hp?

  5. kittycatneko Says:

    hp is health points

  6. frankfred Says:

    the cp hack thing is great!

  7. hopkid2 Says:

    heyy i no its so cool. i heard a new game is coming out. also, the boat is really big and it is a pirate puffle ship

  8. missjuicy9 Says:

    i was wondering i saw a penguin walking around in a ghost costume! where did he get it? 

  9. Guythatisaddictedtogames Says:

    I think the pirate puffle ship is gonna take over club penguin and enslave the penguins and then they will turn club penguin into club puffle.

  10. sgt slorter Says:

    i found this realy cool place the other day but it disappeared. i was like in a pirate ship with puffles and ghosts

  11. azzaman Says:

    i was wondering sanity,wat server do u go on?

  12. sgt slorter Says:

    and thats were i got my ghost suit

  13. HAHAHHA Says:

    Your website has so many hits! I wish mine could be this awsome too! So far you have 172,847 hits, and going up way fast! And according to wordpress in the top 10 hits, yours is number 4! theres 401 thousand blogs and your the 4th best on it! How does it feel to be such a great success?

  14. sanitypenguin Says:

    azzaman, you can only find me at the first four servers.

  15. missjuicy9 Says:

    i looked and saw there was a new news paper and there is a new boat coming tomorrow are there any glitches for these events?

  16. please post! Says:

    i know another secret, when you see the chef hat drag the word to the left you’ll see the viking helmet.

  17. sgt slorter Says:

    i just noticed the pirate ship is coming to land on friday the 13 so i think something bad will happen

  18. slamin72 Says:

    how do u get o the ship. is it gonna be on the beach. i’m confused

    Editor’s Comment: The pirate ship can be found behind the lighthouse

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