We are back


Cheat Penguin has been offline last week because of a terrible storm. But thats not the end of us, we are now back and updating files. I am very surprised of the new interface, new clothings, improved maps, newspaper, and penguin cards. Anticipate for more hints, tips, and cheats.


7 Responses to “We are back”

  1. SORADARK Says:

    i wanna found out about whats going on on world of club penguin you know like free stuffs and it would be nice

  2. hopkid2 Says:

    it would be nice

  3. dillhen Says:


  4. army40 Says:

    i am a member i think we should go on strike to buy old items in the clubpenguin magazine

  5. azzaman Says:

    finally ur back!

  6. kamakoro99 Says:

    Oh yeah! sanity penguin rocks anyway if you click on the bottom corner of that thing that holds the book on the piano in the pizza parlor and sit it will look like you’re playing the piano!

  7. bitteryo Says:

    I know how to walk on walls in the light house.

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