Robot dance glitch


Its a very bad news that the swf page doesn’t work anymore. In the good old days of the swf page, it allows us to right click but now it doesn’t.

Robot dance glitch
Take all of your penguin’s clothes off, so that all you can see is the paint. Click the star on your player card and wear the clown set, then move the window so that you will be able to see the actions button. Now choose dance, but take note that this glitch only works on client side which means only you can see it. Also, try doing it with other stuff on.


14 Responses to “Robot dance glitch”

  1. Guythatisaddictedtogames Says:

    is it possible to do it without being a member?

  2. Mooseluver8 Says:

    no more right click? sniff sniff sob! cry cry ok im over it ok.

  3. stuart Says:

    Ok, go to any room in cp, and press the up, or down arrow keys. You will walk all the way up to ur newspaper! It rocks.

  4. danny Says:

    i know i cant right click and i really miss right clicking.

  5. ( Ashley ) - Loopy Lovey Says:

    Dude that was awesome! Is Jack gonna make another hack program cuz the new verison 1.2 woudnt work?

    Editor’s Comment: I don’t think he will make another version of the trainer, but there are hex and packet editors which you can use. Tutorials will be posted later.

  6. bitteryo Says:


  7. bitteryo Says:


  8. squilliam48 Says:

    i does not work

  9. cynth400 Says:

    It works

  10. kamakoro99 Says:

    squilliam, sanity never lies and your probably just doing the wrong thing man

  11. bluedarkblue Says:

    ok i love this cheat but here is something cool, put a hat or a dress on your penguin and make sure it doesn’t do any dances, then do this cheat and it will spin around twice then stay in an awkard position.

    Editor’s Comment: Very nice find there bluedarkblue

  12. josue333 Says:

    i cant do it

  13. dogdude9 Says:


  14. Corkie Says:

    it’s good but you can only do it with outfits, hey if you do it without clicking on the star then it does the action without the outfit or equipment which is cool.

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