Ship reaches the shore


October 13th 2006 will be the arrival of the mysterious ship, most of us have suggested a ship full of new puffles headed on our way, while others believe a pirate ship is about to land. To uncover the ship’s mysterious identity, lets meet at the lighthouse tomorrow for the ship’s expected arrival. Recently, people were asking me about the jet packs — the staff is currently working on a new project, penguins will be given the opportunity to fly. I dont know if there is a connection between the crane and the new project.


13 Responses to “Ship reaches the shore”

  1. laney1104 Says:

    your penguin is sanity14 right tomorrow what time will you be going on and what server should i pick?

  2. Alsoran Says:

    cool i’ve been wondering

  3. Guythatisaddictedtogames Says:

    I think the crane is placing launching and landing pads around club penguin for the new jet packs.

  4. messss Says:

    I think there is.

  5. 2penguin23 Says:

    the crane has a landing platform

  6. danny Says:

    yea i saw that in the news it is exciting

  7. azzaman Says:

    i got an eyepatch

  8. please post! Says:

    the ship is so cool, im mostly on cp please try to find me

  9. darkpanther Says:

    wow me too like everyone else.

  10. 2penguin23 Says:

    will the flying thing be a game?

  11. Club Penguin Fanatic Says:

    The ship is pretty cool. I got an eyepatch and I bought a hat to go with it. I don’t actually think penguins will literally be able to fly over the skies of CP, but i do think it will allow you to hover off the ground a little; that would be cool too.

  12. eddiman 100 Says:

    if we’re allowed to fly then cant we keep the jet pack forever?

  13. Kaitlin Says:

    Where is the pirate ship? I think I missed it.

    Editor’s Comment: Yah you missed it

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