Hidden pin and item


The hidden pin for October 13th 2006 is the pirate puffle pin, which can be found at the pet shop inside the dog house. If you haven’t visited the pirate ship yet, it has a clothing catalog mostly on pirate garments.

Free Pirate’s Eyepatch
250 C Safari Hat
400 C Admiral’s Hat
800 C Treasure Chest


6 Responses to “Hidden pin and item”

  1. bitteryo Says:


  2. danny Says:

    yep i kno

  3. kamakoro99 Says:


  4. slashymashy Says:

    is there a cheat that you have to do numbers with to get clothes

  5. Gmobile Says:

    i need a propellor cap, i wish we could trade

  6. Xforeversoul Says:

    i know that

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