Hacking moderator accounts


I was out for a while because im busy playing with rsnail’s account. All of you might wonder how his account looks like, so i brought screenshots while im playing. The chat is on safe mode by the way.

I decided to remove the images for a while, because people are spamming too much questions. Ill put the images back when people learns how to keep quiet.

Note: Don’t even try asking me questions on how to hack rsnail.


48 Responses to “Hacking moderator accounts”

  1. sanitypenguin Says:

    wow, do you people know how to read the note? it says Don’t even try asking me questions on how to hack rsnail.

  2. josue333 Says:

    were is that ghost costume?

  3. sanitypenguin Says:

    the ghost costume is not out yet, it was released last 2005. i hope it will be available this year again.

  4. kevin333 Says:

    how did you get all those coins

  5. linkinpark64 Says:

    how did you!

  6. xtreem67 Says:

    Have you ever thought about rsnail seeing this site?

  7. ( Ashley ) - Loopy Lovey Says:

    oh yea i forgot to ask, does he have 100 buddies?

  8. sanitypenguin Says:

    yes he has 100 buddies

  9. sgt slorter Says:

    that account looks pretty kool

  10. sgt slorter Says:

    which world and place does he go i want to be his friend

    Editor’s Comment: That i do not know, he may go into different servers.

  11. josue333 Says:

    sry sanity i was mad and didnt read that

  12. Mooseluver8 Says:

    how do u get pictures of accounts and places in club penguin to show up on a blog?

  13. BadWord Says:

    You are so lucky!

  14. patty Says:

    one day i saw a penguin that has that cloth (ghost)

  15. missjuicy9 Says:

    is there any hidden items?

  16. supereasy hacker Says:

    people getting all those coins is easy but I got more than the coins that rsnail has.

  17. kamakoro99 Says:

    i saw someone that was invisible, this is not a request sanity i just would like to know how

  18. 2penguin23 Says:

    how can you get all those coins? is it a cheat?

    Editor’s Comment: Lol, did you not know that rsnail is a Club Penguin moderator?

  19. oogiebooga Says:

    I saw a guy with a ghost costume once at the dojo

  20. Club Penguin Fanatic Says:

    What is that M on rsnail’s player card?

    Editor’s Comment: It means that rsnail is a moderator.

  21. mr rocky Says:

    i want to be his buddy!

  22. ryan Says:

    Oh yeah i want to be his buddy

  23. pengyp Says:

    wow cool. I wish I could get hack programs but if my parents would never let me hack stuff

  24. penguin Gitgo Says:

    thats alot of coins

  25. xtreem67 Says:

    Did people keep bugging you about being there buddy when u were on his account?

    Editor’s Comment: Yea, a lot of times

  26. kirk Says:


  27. chrisreb Says:

    Hi! But did you copy paste or is it for real

    Editor’s Comment: sanitypenguin never copies from other sites

  28. bob Says:

    how do you hack a different moderaters account?

  29. soccerstar500 Says:


  30. bobby Says:

    just to tell you all rsnail’s penguin is the owner of clupenguin!

  31. Morsaw Says:

    I want to be his buddy and so does everyone so lets all meet at a specific day at a specific time so what do you think?

  32. on club penguin my name is jukksin Says:

    I want to be his buddy so badly!

  33. Roller005 Says:

    I know rsnail

  34. kirk Says:

    btw i dont think rsnail will be happy when he finds out that you hacked on his account because rsnail is my buddy on cp and i can tell him that you did that so i dont think you should do that again sanitypenguin because he is a moderator and he can ban you forever on club penguin

    Editor’s Comment: No, i don’t think he can ban sanitypenguin

  35. 2penguin23 Says:

    i think sanitypenguin is cooler

  36. Pika Yoshi Says:

    yeah sanitypenguin is cooler

  37. Mooseluver8 Says:

    sanitypenguin is so much cooler, there is no way rsnail can ban sanity. Keep cheatin!

  38. Roller005 Says:

    maybe sanity is rsnail’s other penguin because how would he know about all of the new stuff before it is at Club Penguin

    Editor’s Comment: You are so wrong

  39. Xforeversoul Says:

    oh my gosh you are the best hacker in the whole world

  40. Wodude Says:

    i envy you i want to be rsnail

  41. Nowitski2 Says:

    oops i haven’t been on in a while so i didn’t see that you said you took it off

  42. SweetHeart Says:

    im getting puffle pumpkins for people who dont know how to get them, plus 1200 coins not alot but at least you wont be poor! Also designing igloos, just say what you want and send me you username and password at Danielle33533@yahoo.com.

    Editor’s Comment: Nice offers but i wouldn’t give my username and password no matter what. It’s your decision people.

  43. spongex Says:

    how did you hack the moderator

  44. gb1997 Says:

    nice sanitypenguin, i cant believe that you hacked rsnail.

  45. aidan Says:


  46. gordon999 Says:

    cool site

  47. dogluver474 Says:

    that is so cool

  48. bunnyboy123 Says:

    hey guys just checking up

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