About the game


Club Penguin was created by New Horizon Interactive as a labor of love more than a business venture.

With a long history of creating tools and content for Fortune 500 clients, the founders of New Horizon Interactive were growing concerned about the safety of children online and wanted to build a place that their kids and others could enjoy safely and without all the ‘in-your-face’ marketing that is on so many other sites.

The Club Penguin team got to work, consulting with educators, law enforcement representatives and other parents, doing extensive research into online safety, and conducting widespread testing. Finally, in October 2005, Club Penguin opened to the public.

Word quickly spread, thanks to great reviews from users and parents who were impressed by the quality of the games, activities and security functions. In March 2006, Club Penguin was showcased on Miniclip, the world’s largest online game site. Since then, Club Penguin has become the number one game on the site!

Despite Club Penguin’s popularity, its founders continue to focus on the three key areas: fun, safety and service. The Club Penguin world is updated every week and most of the company’s resources go into making Club Penguin safer than ever. Eighty percent of Club Penguin’s staff is made up of safety personnel and moderators, many of whom are also parents.

Club Penguin is completely funded by subscriptions. There is no advertising revenue of any kind, a further testament to Club Penguin’s ongoing commitment to protecting its young users.

Club Penguin / New Horizon Interactive is based in the beautiful city of Kelowna, which is a few hours east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


5 Responses to “About the game”

  1. ( Ashley ) - Loopy Lovey Says:

    why did u post this? i thought this was a hack, cheat, hints, tips and glitches site!

    Editor’s Comment: So that people will know how the history of Club Penguin

  2. Club Penguin Fanatic Says:

    It was cool to have new information! This site is full of glitches and cheats, sanity doesn’t have to fill every single page with them though

  3. dombeef Says:


  4. Mnvown Says:

    thanks for the information

  5. wild ben1 Says:

    I have 102 buddies

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