Special puffle tricks


For those of you who doesn’t know how to make your black puffle do special tricks, here are the steps on how to do it.

First, you have to buy a black puffle at the pet shop then go to your igloo. Feed your puffle with some pet food, let it sleep then play with it. After doing the steps correctly, your black puffle will eventually turn red. This can be done to other types of puffles by the way.


9 Responses to “Special puffle tricks”

  1. ( Ashley ) - Loopy Lovey Says:

    so we can do it to the pink puffle and it will turn red too?

  2. kirk Says:


  3. dude = ) Says:

    i new this why didnt u tell all the puffles special stuff. oh yeah this website rulez

  4. Eggbert Rox Says:

    Hey! how did you get the link to get here? awesome stuff!

  5. josue333 Says:

    is there a way that non members can get puffles that are not blue or get more than one puffle

    Editor’s Comment: Just wait, im gonna post it today

  6. Aaron Says:

    ya i think its purple

  7. Alsoran Says:

    hey i have a gitch, if you stand behind the green puffle at the night club and talk, it will look like the puffle is really talking. This website rocks

    Editor’s Comment: I think everyone knows that, and it’s definitely not a glitch

  8. penguin Says:

    what other colors can you do that trick with, i did it with my black puffle and it worked

    Editor’s Comment: You can do it with all sorts of puffles

  9. Cheater Says:

    you said in all colors, i cant do it on my blue puffle?

    Editor’s Comment: Other puffle requires a different sequence.

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