Haunted events


Halloween is close at hand. Tomorrow it creeps even closer to the streets of Club Penguin when igloo owners start haunting their homes with sights of the season. The new furniture catalog will be full of Halloween treats, so you can stew, steam or string decor in your igloo.

Thriller igloo decor contest will be on October 27
Party hats will be available on October 24


12 Responses to “Haunted events”

  1. frankfred Says:

    also have you found the lighthouse tune number yet?

  2. barbo Says:


  3. skigirl909 Says:

    omg i can believe it though i love Club Penguin

  4. kirk Says:

    ya it will be loads of fun

  5. kamakoro99 Says:

    this is gonna be awesome!

  6. kirk Says:

    who already has their house ready for holloween, i do its awsome

  7. dombeef Says:


  8. xtreem67 Says:

    do u know how to get the puffle jack o lantern?

  9. bluedarkblue Says:

    yahoo i love club penguin

  10. missjuicy9 Says:

    the hidden puffle pumpkin is on the orange rug!

  11. Xforeversoul Says:

    how do you steal stuff on cp? anyways when i moved the stuff people started saying whoa how do you that, are you hacking? now they are trying to report me.

    Editor’s Comment: Well that shouldn’t have happened, this glitch is only clientside which means they don’t see it.

  12. 2penguin23 Says:

    that could be a new glitch! just how do you do it?

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