How to hack puffles and change their names


Tutorial on how to hack puffles and change their names

Go to the pet shop then open WPE and target your client or the browser where you play. Click the black arrow on WPE so we can record the packets, now quickly buy a puffle then click the stop button and start looking at the packets. In my case, i named my puffle lollypoper and you should get packets which looks like this.

Image 1

Right click on the packet then send, it should appear like the image below.

Image 2

Edit the name of the puffle, so from lollypoper i renamed it to sanity. After doing that, simply press the black arrow near the port.

Image 3

Note: I will not entertain any questions, i made this tutorial very clear.

WPE – Download


10 Responses to “How to hack puffles and change their names”

  1. josue333 Says:

    but i said other color puffles not change there name

    Editor’s Comment: Just buy another puffle with a different color.

  2. virus!!! Says:

    yo sanity fix the download it has a trojan virus.

    Editor’s Comment: The torjan virus on the WPE download is not harmful, its quite safe to use.

  3. cipher Says:

    you can name the puffle like fucktard if you do it right

  4. josue333 Says:

    im not a member i want to know how to buy a puffle another color but im not a member

    Editor’s Comment: I can do the hack even im not a member, so your probably doing the wrong thing again

  5. Ashley Says:

    Thats weird, it wont let me open the documents.

    Editor’s Comment: Your anti-virus probably thinks that WPE contains a virus, if you turn your anti-virus off you can use the document again.

  6. mickey4741 Says:


  7. Club Penguin Fanatic Says:

    What is WPE?

    Editor’s Comment: WPE stands for winsock packet editor. If you still dont know what it means, ask wikipedia.

  8. azzaman Says:

    do other people see it?

    Editor’s Comment: Yea it is a permanent hack

  9. motarolal6(penguin name) Says:

    Editor what is your penguin name

    Editor’s Comment: Sorry, can’t reveal that

  10. pengin sam (on club penguin) Says:

    can this do other hacks

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