Captain Rockhopper will return


Original Post by Captain Rockhopper:

By the light of the luminous Lighthouse, i’ll be returnin’ to these shining shores in two months. Aye, me lass, i’ll be bringing a surprise from Rockhopper Island to share with all ye, me hearties. Keep y’er eyes to the horizon for me ship in two month’s time.


6 Responses to “Captain Rockhopper will return”

  1. penguincheater Says:

    He will come in December! Aaarg me hartys!

  2. penguincheater Says:

    I wonder what the new free item will be. Do you know?

    Editor’s Comment: He knows, but he will not be revealing that

  3. Lady123 Says:


  4. 2penguin23 Says:

    dont forget that its December, maybe he will bring some cool stuff

  5. BUNNYBOY123 Says:

    its a new kind of puffle, beileve me i asked Club Penguin

  6. red998 Says:

    in 2 months, that is when my membership ends, lol.

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