Changing other peoples igloos


First, go to your igloo and click on the tape measure then use your spy phone to teleport to the headquarters. Open your map and go to other igloos then try moving their items. This is very simple, so i do not expect people asking questions on how to do it again.

Note: This glitch cannot be seen by others


22 Responses to “Changing other peoples igloos”

  1. Roller005 Says:

    It works! you rule sanitypenguin

  2. ![0_0]! Says:

    it works, thats cool

  3. Cutie1776 Says:

    Yes it does work but the owner of the igloo can’t see me move furniture, i asked them to leave and come back and then its normal again but thanks anyway

  4. Eddiman 100 Says:

    That is so cool

  5. josue333 Says:

    kool it works you are so awesome

  6. roger Says:

    can other people see it when you change their igloo?

    Editor’s Comment: No, its clientside effects

  7. 2penguin23 Says:

    it works! how do you find stuff, do you you work there?

    Editor’s Comment: No, he doesn’t work at Club Penguin

  8. wed Says:


  9. patrick Says:

    Wicked cheat thanks

  10. Mnvown Says:

    i tried it! its so cool!

  11. Corkie Says:

    Thank you so much, it rocks

  12. pika Says:

    thats so cool!

  13. pika Says:

    its really awesome

  14. YES! Says:

    i hacked a member, it’s so cool!

    Editor’s Comment: Well, congratulations

  15. ghost744 Says:

    nice cheat, but how do you find this stuff out?

    Editor’s Comment: A lot of practice, searching, and luck

  16. jawn Says:


  17. Sunkist Gal Says:

    it really works where do you learn this stuff

  18. Hollister509 Says:

    sanitypenguin is so good at this kinda stuff! that was a great cheat! lol I can’t believe you can find stuff out! amazing

  19. devdude Says:

    dude i tried it, it really works! thx alot

  20. xXxCPFANxXx Says:

    Hot as it really works!

  21. Slippers9t Says:

    Rocks, i tried it and it worked but i didn’t tell anyone because i want it to be my little secret

  22. sf1998 Says:

    oh it does work

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