Hidden furnitures and item


These are the hidden furnitures this month of October, if you know more secrets regarding furnitures please post them here.

2000 C Secret Stone Igloo – Gym
5000 C Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo – Snow Igloo
1200 C Fire Place – Table
5000 C Big-Screen TV – Electric Stove

I will not tell you where exactly, you’ll be the one to find it out.


10 Responses to “Hidden furnitures and item”

  1. penguincheater Says:

    I noticed that your not so exact anymore, but i like finding stuff for my self

    Editor’s Comment: He doesn’t feel like telling all the stuff exactly today, sorry mates.

  2. penguincheater Says:

    Yay I like cheats

  3. jlbman Says:

    please tell me where in the snow igloo you click to get the deluxe secret igloo!

  4. dogdude9 Says:

    isn’t this site like illegal or something? i mean it tells you how to hack

    Editor’s Comment: So legal

  5. dogdude9 Says:

    hmm fair enough

  6. big thig 200 Says:

    will captain rockhopper return soon?

    Editor’s Comment: Wait til December

  7. invader dim Says:

    u forgot the puffle pumpkin it is on the diamond of the square orange rug

  8. elzababoon Says:

    cool, by the way jlbman, you click on the coin above the snow igloo

  9. 45flippers45 Says:

    this proves once again, my favorite part about CP! I love how they sneak little secrets into the game.

  10. Blooex Says:

    thanks for telling me, it’s a great help!

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