How to get the Puffle Pumpkin



First, go to your igloo and open the buy items book. Go to the rugs page then click on the center diamond of the 500 C Orange Rug, you have finally found the 250 C Puffle Pumpkin. I still don’t know how it was grown, well anyways its a cool furniture for your igloo.


7 Responses to “How to get the Puffle Pumpkin”

  1. paintboy100 Says:

    sanitypenguin do you know any coin cheat?

    Editor’s Comment: No, he doesn’t know any coin cheat but he knows how to hack coins.

  2. Mnvown Says:

    sanity penguin how to hack coins?

  3. heyy Says:

    hey guys it is so cool the puffle is in my house

  4. darkpanther Says:

    hey sanity cool page, how do you get these pictures? do u use some kind of webcam or a program?

  5. ![0_0]! Says:


  6. Hanaskates Says:


  7. miles72 Says:

    i found it the first day

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