Maintenance for four days


There was a site maintenance for four days this week that’s why there are no post showing up. It was on October 25-28, we are very sorry for this because we didn’t made an announcement. However, next week will be loaded with treats so keep visiting the site for further updates.


4 Responses to “Maintenance for four days”

  1. trimaster Says:

    ok are you closing the site down? how do i get item numbers

    Editor’s Comment: The site closed on October 25-28 so its probably open now, the item numbers can be found on the database page.

  2. kirk Says:

    what do you mean by treats

  3. penguincheater Says:

    That why my posts were not getting responded

  4. dillyo Says:

    wheres the database page?

    Editor’s Comment: On the right side of the website

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