Pumpkin pin and mysterious cloud



The pumpkin pin is hidden at the dock on the right side of the little pumpkin patch and the free wizard hat is on the snow forts, okay i suppose you knew that. Did anyone saw the green mysterious cloud on the left side of the ice berg? Its kinda amusing and at the same time scary, by the way here are the current statistics of Club Penguin.

Parties: 12
free party items given away: 16
rooms added: 16
newspapers printed: 53
games to play: 10


37 Responses to “Pumpkin pin and mysterious cloud”

  1. dyaln Says:

    your website is sick it’s helpin a lot, is there a money cheat?

    Editor’s Comment: The money cheat will be released in a few months, just wait for it.

  2. heyy Says:

    i know it is scary

  3. trimaster Says:

    do you know if they are going to give out a different Holloween item other than the wizard hat?

    Editor’s Comment: Nope

  4. trimaster Says:

    I think its the northern lights

  5. me Says:

    I think its there because Club Penguin needs to be dark and creepy at Halloween. But it does look similar to the northern lights, except for the different colours.

  6. cow man Says:

    is the party hat going to return cause i missed it

    Editor’s Comment: It will not return, just wait until next year.

  7. Icy Fresh 2 Says:

    hey sanity, im not sure but that might be be an aurora, you know like the northern lights! maybe

    Editor’s Comment: Everyone thinks its the northern lights

  8. Icy Fresh 2 Says:

    thats why i said it

  9. cipher Says:

    its the southern lights because penguins are in the south pole

  10. war starter Says:

    also it has to be the southern lights because penguins can only live in the southern hemisphere even Club Penguin is in the south pole!

  11. Icy Fresh 2 Says:

    sanity its captain rockhoppers ghost

  12. Axle123 Says:

    Toyr on this site too,  geeze icy your on every website.

  13. Koty Says:

    ofcourse its the northern lights, i knew that even im just 11

  14. tuneguy2 Says:

    hi icy its tuneguy2 you have a very good site, but sanity’s site is a lot better.

    Editor’s Comment: Try not making any bad arguements, we respect WordPress members except for those who copies our contents.

  15. Mooseluver8 Says:

    I think its the northern lights too and by the way, how are there 10 games? mancala, connect four, cart surfer, ballistic biscuit, puffle round-up, bean counter, astro barrier, and sled racing.

  16. lura Says:

    gosh state to the obvious, its a decoration

  17. kirk Says:

    i know this is out of the subject but how do you get a blue cape?

    Editor’s Comment: Its not yet out

  18. penguincheater Says:

    I don’t think it is the northern lights, I think that’s just a thing that CP placed in the game. But it could mean the ice berg can tip because it still says it is a flash picture but it changes. Who knows? maybe

  19. kaos1234 Says:

    it’s a cloud that appears in antartica during the winter season, but its still cool.

  20. bluedarkblue Says:

    The blue cape used to be a hidden item

  21. subhav Says:

    i know this has nothing to do with it but will there be new species of puffles out soon?

    Editor’s Comment: No one knows so we just have to wait until December

  22. subhav Says:

    i think the clouds are forming a word or a picture of something like that

  23. Cheer9020 Says:

    Club Penguin rocks these days

  24. Cheer9020 Says:

    I cannot belive that CP is still running after a whole year, it’s so cool and ill be a member soon then buy everything in sight. Well you have been helpful. Ill reply every week!

  25. KING COBRA 2 Says:

    hello everyone it is the nothern lights, i was lookin here and i saw someone say it might say something in it. so i was on for about a half hour staring at them and then i saw a single word. ‘jets’ i don’t know if they mean the football team but it might have something to do with the message on the board at the HQ.

    Editor’s Comment: Awesome find, this was the answer i was looking for. It is a clue for the jets on the beacon which may be a new transportation or a new game.

  26. joweyl Says:

    its the northen lights

  27. bluedarkblue Says:

    I’m sorry, but, I’m just not seeing ‘jets’.

  28. penguincheater Says:

    KING COBRA 2, your right! I was looking and saw ‘jet’ I was looking longer and about 10 minuts later I saw the word ‘pack’ it was awesome, yours truly Penguincheater.

    Editor’s Comment: Now its making some sense

  29. bluedarkblue Says:

    are you sure from his/her comment, your not just seeing things?

    Editor’s Comment: I checked it out 

  30. The Rid3r Says:

    hey i just checked the cloud, it really does say jetpack. It changes from jet to pack about every 3 seconds.

  31. The Rid3r Says:

    also if you go to the top of the light house you can see a jetpack next to the coming soon sign.

  32. penguincheater Says:

    Ther Rid3r, after you saw jet, three seconds later you saw pack? I might have missed it. But it is so cool!

  33. LIlmc Says:

    I was staring at that cloud for quite a while, i think it says jet pack too! Whether or not, i’m sure it’s forming words!

  34. the giantguy Says:

    i think so too but i just cant see it

  35. subrap Says:

    see, i told you it was forming a word!

  36. wow billy coolj Says:

    its true

  37. 2penguin23 Says:

    so that is how you won

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