Walking with a newspaper


First, go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf then go inside the book room and wait until somebody starts a game, join in when the ‘Do you want to join the game’ appears, click yes and go to the couch very fast. Again, drag a player card to the left and make sure the mail button is againts the left screen then click on the newspaper, now send a mail to anyone then dance. Now go to the town then go back to the place where you did the newspaper dance, you should be walking with a paper now. To check if it really works, try asking your friends.


12 Responses to “Walking with a newspaper”

  1. LANO Says:

    Sweet thanks for the tip, its great. I wish I could figure stuff like that.

  2. 2penguin23 Says:

    can you see it?

  3. billybob is a liar Says:

    ive already done this and somebody banned themselves coz they said the f word and it actually worked.

  4. Guythatisaddictedtogames Says:

    can you walk with the newspaper in other parts of Club Penguin?

    Editor’s Comment: Try it

  5. bitteryo Says:

    i can’t understand can you explain better

  6. pika Says:


  7. zakbond Says:

    Too bad you can’t see yourself walking with the newspaper and you can also do this in the Lodge Attic.

  8. qwerty Says:

    sanity do you know an easy way to get money or clothes?

  9. devdude Says:

    thats a mouthfull to remember lol

  10. bitteryo Says:

    Wow sanity you rock!

  11. the giantguy Says:

    i tried the newpaper thing and it worked but when i waited long enough it kept saying you got 0 coins and sent me back where i was.

    Editor’s Comment: Thats a bug

  12. wow billy coolj Says:

    oh no watch out for that bug

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