DragonFable game review



DragonFable is a single-player game, but many quests will allow you to bring up to two of your friend’s characters with you. You will also be able to take a lot of in-game characters like Artix, Galanoth, Robina and Warlic with you.The battle system allows you to fight extremely fast 3 vs 3 battles. You will gain new, special abilities as you level up and eventually unlock new character classes. Choosing the right friends to take with you on quests, and a little bit of strategy, will give you a huge advantage.

Noobies who doesn’t want to work hard should read this

First, download Cheat Engine then set the configurations to value type double and rounded default

HP&MP: First Scan the amount of your HP&MP while your in a battle, go back to DF and let the monster attack you, now look for your new HP&MP then type it on the value box and hit Next Scan, you should have 2 values left. Add the addresses then change the values to 999999 and freeze it.

1 Hit: Buy a new weapon at the shop then First Scan your minimum damage, go back to DF and equip the new weapon, Next Search the new minimum damage. After doing that, you should have 1 address left, add the address. Do the same with the maximum damage then change both of the values to 999999.

Hint: XP and gold can also be changed, i’ll let you figure them out.


7 Responses to “DragonFable game review”

  1. dragonflyer Says:

    cool im a dragon woohoo!

  2. dombeef Says:


  3. sad Says:

    i thought this web page was about club penguin?

    Editor’s Comment: Can’t you read the title? It says ‘game review’

  4. Lemon72 Says:

    Cool game!

  5. Mnvown Says:

    thanx! i play dragonfable too! i am level 15.

  6. morsaw Says:

    Man im perfect! Ive won 2 igloo contests, one in Christmas and one in Halloween and I have all the clothes that have ever existed I also have the beta tester hat and every single pin!

    Editor’s Comment: Nice, your a one of a kind collector

  7. Reza Says:

    The cheat is awesome! I can’t believe I killed the monster in one blow

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