How to be a ninja


There are no ninjas yet, only Billybob, rsnail, screenhog, gizmo, happy77 and other moderators can get ninja clothes and stuff. I went to the Club Penguin mod site which is — you will not be able to enter the site because they blocked it, i had a sneak peak on the current projects for 2006 and discovered that ninjas will be implemented later on November.

How to be a ninja

First, go to the dojo which is located at the upper right part of the mountains then stay on one place, don’t move or even walk for 30 minutes. The max time limit for idles is 10 minutes, to extend the time simply talk, dance or throw snowballs. After that, you will be able to see three penguins with blue and black bands then they will ask you if you want to be a ninja, do this quickly or you will miss the chance to be one.

Note: Don’t do it today because it will never work, just try it on November. Im not sure if they will be implementing next month, so don’t blame me if they dont. Another thing, since i posted the tutorial, people should stop asking questions on how to be one.


55 Responses to “How to be a ninja”

  1. 2penguin23 Says:


  2. wow billy coolj Says:

    I am gonna do it

  3. dr dread Says:

    do you have to be a member to do this

    Editor’s Comment: You don’t have to

  4. cipher Says:

    is there a penguin age limit to be a ninja

    Editor’s Comment: We didn’t saw any requirements on the icebox, but we prefer doing it with a 310 day old penguin.

  5. chilpil Says:

    awesome cheat! i will definitely use it on November

  6. chilpil Says:

    my puffles will disappear if i will just stand there for 30 minutes, this cheat better work.

    Editor’s Comment: Don’t worry dude, we can fill your igloo with puffles.

  7. fervet Says:

    thanks man sounds sweet, i hope i win the money for the contest.

  8. chewit Says:

    does it work?

  9. -THE CP MASTER- -PC 1203- Says:

    Can you give us a preview of rsnail’s account?

  10. john Says:

    cant wait till November

  11. dombeef Says:

    Thanks, you rock!

  12. SOCCERBOY333 Says:

    does it work

  13. dr dread Says:

    can we walk our puffles when we do it so they dont run away.

  14. kamakoro99 Says:

    alright! november 1st, i’m gonna be a ninja!

  15. LANO Says:

    Thanks, this is an awesome cheat. Is there anything else you can be besides a ninja?

    Editor’s Comment: There are no other jobs yet.

  16. geko9413 Says:

    hey do you have to be a sentry to do it? I love ninjas, this is gonna be cool!

  17. sanitypenguin Says:

    you don’t have to be a sentry

  18. geko9413 Says:

    thanks cant wait

  19. geko9413 Says:

    are there going to be clothes for the ninja because that would be awesome

  20. the giantguy Says:

    cant wait til then

  21. wow billy coolj Says:

    Maybe theres a secret room so you can meet other ninjas

  22. happyree Says:

    wow too cool

  23. senor pengwi Says:

    wow this is really ninjastic, i am gonna do it. i wonder what its gonna be like?

  24. penguincheater Says:

    Is it like a job? or something where you just get clothes?

  25. the giantguy Says:

    yea, hope there is.

  26. darkpanther Says:

    whats the password of the mod site?

    Editor’s Comment: We might release that later

  27. Mooseluver8 Says:

    How do you know everything? you are like hooked up with the moderators! i want to be a pro hacker and get all connected with the mods and stuff but i have no idea how.

  28. Mooseluver8 Says:


  29. wassan Says:

    yay! first day of November to be a ninja

  30. Roller005 Says:

    when you type in the mod site it goes back to Club Penguin.

    Editor’s Comment: Definitely, they blocked people from going into their site.

  31. ela23 Says:

    cool and awesome cheat sanity, thankyou so much. I love your site, im like your number one fan coz I visit it daily. I was just wondering, how can you do this without your puffle running away?

    Editor’s Comment: Before you do it, make sure you feed your puffle first. They wouldn’t leave for half an hour.

  32. wassan Says:

    man its no working, i stayed on the same spot for half an hour.

    Editor’s Comment: We told you already, there isn’t a fixed date for ninja implementation so don’t complain.

  33. flappy3 Says:

    its not working yet.

  34. Cheer9020 Says:


  35. dombeef Says:


  36. orangecoke Says:

    i hope it works

  37. kamakoro99 Says:

    how did you hack into the mods site?

  38. geko9413 Says:

    does your account have to be a certain number of days old to be a ninja?

    Editor’s Comment: 310 days old

  39. joey Says:

    this will rock

  40. bluedarkblue ( ellie) Says:

    thats so cool, how did find you find this stuff

  41. Flame 593 Says:

    I’m 18 days old, is there a cheat so that i can be 310 days old?

    Editor’s Comment: Email sanitypenguin for that

  42. angelldarke Says:

    thanks this rules!

  43. Hey Thanks For Info Says:

    this information is totally cool and if its true it would be even cooler. I can’t wait until we are able to become ninjas. Also do you have to be 310 days old?

    Editor’s Comment: You have to be 310 days old

  44. z49ho Says:

    this rocks man! keep up the good work!

  45. Miss Flipy Says:

    thank you for making me a ninja sanity, you rock!

  46. Monkey2o Says:

    wow! being a ninja really is cool, thanks!

  47. Rober Gum2 Says:

    this is very cool, thank you for making me a ninja and 310 days old! you rock my world dude.

  48. Xlll3ksweetii Says:

    you rock sanity! thank you for making me a ninja too, i will spread this website to everyone on Club Penguin.

  49. Hey its true Says:

    This is really true, sanity is the best.

  50. Thanks a ton Says:

    This website is the best ever, how did you make me a ninja? Well anyways, just ignore my questions. Thanks a lot sanity

  51. graysox39 Says:

    great cheat, thanks sanity!

  52. kittycat 125 Says:

    you rock even though im not a ninja and not 310 days old, i wont complain at all.

  53. Spyro21461 Says:

    me and my friend are gonna do it, your the best

  54. boys rock Says:

    I am going to do it

  55. oompa102 Says:

    This is the coolest site on the planet! Thanks for doing it for us!

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