Congratulations to everyone!


Support our website — September 30th, we asked you to submit cheats, hints, tips, glitches, and hacks regarding Club Penguin and any contributor who will be chosen by the administrators will be given an ingame prize of 100,000 C. The event will end on November 1, 2006 wednesday, the top 3 contributors will be posted on or before the event ends. Keep those comments coming!

Top 3 contributors:
1. penguincheater – a loyal member of the Cheat Penguin
2. KING COBRA 2 – found the word jetpack on the mysterious cloud
3. 2penguin23 – newspaper secret finder

Chosen: Congratulations to penguincheater!

Note: If you win, you will recieve an email from sanitypenguin asking you if you want to accept the 100,000 C. However, if the winner doesn’t want the prize, it will be given to other Cheat Penguin contributors.


22 Responses to “Congratulations to everyone!”

  1. earl can Says:

    i think sanity deserves the prize.

  2. Roller005 Says:

    How do you get our emails

  3. penguincheater Says:


  4. chrispe11 Says:

    How do we actually get the money?

  5. sanitypenguin Says:

    top 3 contributors will be posted in an hour, voting will take place after that.

  6. sanitypenguin Says:

    congratulations to penguincheater, he really is a true loyal member of the Cheat Penguin.

  7. trimaster Says:

    congrats *claps*

  8. the giantguy Says:

    Awesome job!

  9. penguincheater Says:

    Thanks everyone this website really is the coolest!

    Editor’s Comment: Thank you for being a loyal member of the Cheat Penguin, please check your account now. Comment back if you have problems with the prize.

  10. secretwaddle Says:

    Congrats *claps harshly*

  11. jon123321 Says:

    sanity please, im a big fan of your website so answer this question. How do you give them the coins?

    Editor’s Comment: He opens their account and put coins on it, simple as that.

  12. bluedarkblue Says:

    i hope he makes good choices on what to do with the coins.

  13. frankfred Says:

    well done penguincheater! :^)

  14. wow billy coolj Says:

    well done king cobra! you have good eye sight, 2penguin23 for finding the newspaper secrets and penguincheater, congratulations for being a loyal member.

  15. azzaman Says:

    the pumpkin on the dance club near the stairs is a shape of the ship in astro barrier and its eyes are pointing up to the dance lounge.

    Editor’s Comment: Nice find

  16. penguincheater Says:

    thx a lot sanity

  17. mooseluver8 Says:

    the northern lights thing says jetpack? i cant see it

  18. Jackie 7 11 Says:

    How do we know that the cloud says jetpack? i hope i am not being rude

    Editor’s Comment: Stare on it

  19. Cheer9020 Says:


  20. matt Says:

    last year when i was playing Club Penguin, i saw a guy with a ninja head band thing

  21. king of ty Says:


  22. tweatle Says:

    thanks for all the help

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