Join the grand opening!


Hi fellow Cheat Penguins! we now have a newely installed phpbbplus portal and forum. Please register before doing something else, submitting and participating on the forums will let you gain access to the private forums. The private forums contains hacks regarding Club Penguin, coin hacks, membership hacks, avatar hacks and etc. So what are you penguins waiting for? Register at Cheat Penguin and start posting!


5 Responses to “Join the grand opening!”

  1. Cheer9020 Says:


  2. kamakoro99 Says:

    alright i just got into the forums, i have the same name so i’ll see you there.

  3. sanitypenguin Says:

    registration is fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. JV Says:

    Hi i wanna join your forum

    Editor’s Comment: You can join the forum anytime.

  5. ela23 Says:

    Deleted Comment

    Editor’s Comment: If the letters on the visual confirmation are capital letters, then write them in capital letters.

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