CPM secret mission



I have been on the mammoth server for a while sitting near the coffee shop, someone saw me and asked if i have a site. It was Sf1998 the found of CPM, he asked me to join a top secret mission, which is to throw snowballs at killer vikings and evil clowns. It was fun and cool, they also have research lab and weaponry shop. I also took a screenshot wherein Fabio Fresh is getting pwned. Join CPM at mammoth and find Sf1998.


17 Responses to “CPM secret mission”

  1. Guythatisaddictedtogames Says:

    what does CPM stand for?

    Editor’s Comment: I haven’t asked sf yet

  2. dragonflyer Says:


  3. missjuicy9 Says:

    i went on and i cant find him!

  4. dombeef Says:


  5. cp is cool Says:

    i saw him, i tried to be his buddy but his list was full.

  6. 2penguin23 Says:

    where is the lab and weaponry shop?

    Editor’s Comment: The research lab is on Demy’s igloo and the weaponry is on Sf’s igloo

  7. the giantguy Says:

    sanity were are you gonna be on today?

    Editor’s Comment: He’s spending all his time on mammoth

  8. the giantguy Says:

    i want to join CPM too

  9. Jack Says:

    sanity is your username called Sanity3?

    Editor’s Comment: sanity’s username is only sanity14 and sanity15 no other numbers.

  10. the giantguy Says:

    i joined

  11. Steve Bartman Says:

    Omg! Fabio Fresh is my best friend in real life

  12. senor pengwi Says:


  13. the giantguy Says:

    yea hes in mammoth like all the time

  14. subhav Says:

    hey is the sf1998 guy always online?

    Editor’s Comment: He spends his time on mammoth server, probably on his igloo or around Club Penguin.

  15. the giantguy Says:

    i joined CPM, if you need help finding Sf1998 just go on mammoth and meet me on town my name is the giantguy

  16. Big Blacksta Says:

    CPM stands for Club Penguin Marines if you wanted to know what it stood for

  17. subhav Says:

    does sf1998 sleep? or is he a robot?

    Editor’s Comment: He sleeps

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