New Game!


Hello Penguins!

Hopefully you’re not too stuffed from all the candy last night! Well, we’re getting close, so I am able to tell you a bit more about the new game coming out next week. This is the biggest game Club Penguin has ever seen and it’s levels will take you all over Club Penguin which means some of you might just use it as a way of getting from place to place. It is also filled with some cool secrets and hidden areas so be on the lookout. I can’t say much more right now, but check tomorrows newspaper for more details.

In other news: We’ve finally launched the new Canadian servers. We apologize for the delay, but we weren’t able to launch them in the middle of the Halloween party. Speaking of the party, it was by far the biggest party Club Penguin has ever had! We’re going to make sure we have a lot more servers ready for the Christmas party!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team


10 Responses to “New Game!”

  1. hepcat1 Says:

    I can’t wait, i want to see all the new places in CP

  2. Spike111788 Says:

    I can’t wait for the new game and i hope it gives you a ton of coins.

  3. zee zo Says:

    ya i got like 5 pounds of candy on hallowen it was awesome

  4. kirk Says:

    ya same with me

  5. cupscene Says:

    me too

  6. Will (Dax16) Says:

    i got 24 pounds of candy and it was sweet

    Editor’s Comment: You wouldn’t get them if they were not sweet.

  7. HOWLGIRL Says:

    This is cool

  8. betsy9531 Says:

    I cant wait

  9. GURRRRR Says:

    it’s past 6 and the game isn’t open yet

    Editor’s Comment: The game is open now

  10. kinda kool Says:

    its kind of cool

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