Penguins take flight


The invention is nearly finished, Gary the Gadget Guy just have to tinker with a few minor things. The invention is a Jet Pack that enables penguins to fly. It straps on like a backpack with dual action thrusters powered by energy efficient fuel cylinders to launch the penguin into the sky and keep him up there. A pilot can maneuver forward, up and down. Extra fuel tanks have been positioned for pick up at various points. Landing sites are marked with signs. Landing anywhere else will not be advantageous. The invention will be released to the public on Monday, November 6. To try it out, go to the upper level of the Lighthouse. By the way, the mysterious cloud on the Iceberg was the Aurora Austalis which added extra flare to the Halloween Party.

Igloo Contest Winners

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7 Responses to “Penguins take flight”

  1. Cocoa453 Says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to fly!

  2. Big Blacksta Says:

    i cant wait, im marking the date on the calendar.

  3. Cheer9020 Says:

    cool! something i can enjoy

  4. alexalvin94 Says:

    yay! i cant wait for the flight

  5. beanszz Says:

    it’s going to be fun

  6. messss Says:

    i’ve tried the game, its really fun

  7. Gorlackers Says:

    i beat it 2 times in 1 day

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