Request a player card


December is the month of sharing and giving gifts, the third project of Cheat Penguin is to make free player cards for non members as early as now. Have you ever imagined your penguin with cool clothes and big amount of coins? If not, this is the perfect chance. To request a player card, simply email me at

Name, head, face, neck, body, hand, feet, and coins

Done Requests: 8

Status: Offline for 7 days


19 Responses to “Request a player card”

  1. jimbobsally Says:

    do you get banned?

    Editor’s Comment: Absolutely no

  2. Bjq333 Says:


  3. missjuicy9 Says:

    how did you get all those coins?

    Editor’s Comment: We told you like a thousand times already, he hacks the coins.

  4. sunnybuddie Says:

    ive requested for one, how do you get it?

    Editor’s Comment: Please allow one day to finish the player card.

  5. yakyyaky Says:

    how come? oh you hacked it

  6. dragonflyer Says:

    cool! i like you sanitypenguin!

    Editor’s Comment: Uhm, so you have a crush on him? 

  7. Wodude Says:

    I sent you an email sanity i want a player card

  8. the giantguy Says:

    whos the editor and does he have an account on Club Penguin?

    Editor’s Comment: Sorry, I can’t reveal my self but I have an account on CP too.

  9. jessiebo13 Says:

    wow that is cool but i need hints, did you get banned for doing that stupid stuff?

    Editor’s Comment: sanity doesn’t get banned.

  10. Warriorofice Says:

    You rock hard

  11. Hana skates Says:

    Hey i dont know if i was too pickey on what i wanted, yet i hope you still accept it! i always wanted a player card done for me.

  12. sanitypenguin Says:

    if your player card is not on the done list, it means that you didn’t meet the requirements.

  13. bluedarkblue ( ellie) Says:

    i sent you an email

  14. Flame 593 Says:

    Thanks for the player card! But what am I going to do with it?

    Editor’s Comment: Here’s a tip, show it off with your friends.

  15. Morsaw Says:

    im sorry if im being pushy but id like to thank you sanity, you are my favorite penguin

  16. Cheer9020 Says:

    I love your idea!

  17. dombeef Says:


  18. big bob Says:

    you rock

  19. Skyemster Says:

    Sweet, you rock sanity!

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