New item release and secrets


New item release for November 2006

500 C Parka
300 C Snowshoes
625 C Pink Duffle Coat
250 C Blue Earmuffs
600 C Russian Hat
120 C Green Toque
550 C Black Letterman Jacket
200 C Pilgrim Hat
3 Backgrounds

Secret Items

480 C Ski Googles – First page heading
250 C Black Cowboy Hat – Eyeglasses
150 C Blue Scarf – Feather Boa
750 C Viking Helmet – Last page close button


23 Responses to “New item release and secrets”

  1. Jinweihero Says:

    Thanks for the secret items!

    Editor’s Comment: No problem

  2. Penguin (Member) Says:

    the secret items are so cool 

  3. maxie123 Says:

    People have been asking me where i got the goggles and i found out here!

  4. missjuicy9 Says:

    thanks to you! now i have all the clothes in Club Penguin

  5. minidad17 Says:

    I like this site now

  6. mattydman Says:

    Really kool!

  7. dragonflyer Says:

    you are cool, wanna meet!

  8. wumber Says:

    thanks guys!

  9. SOCCERBOY333 Says:

    Thanks for the secret items!

  10. LANO Says:

    I think these are some of the best items that have been given out.

  11. Cheer9020 Says:

    This is so cool! thanks for the hints.

  12. secretwaddle Says:


  13. Caibin(penguin name) Says:

    thanks for the secrets, great work and thank you Sf1998 for letting me join CPM.

  14. aman Says:

    wow! one of these actully worked, thanks!

  15. sf1998 Says:

    no prob

  16. Ssandman Says:

    Wow! cool secrets, thanks sanitypenguin

  17. Skyemster Says:

    Alright, these are so cool.

  18. Lt Giovanni Says:

    If you keep clicking the viking hat on and off, eventually it will come up as the blue one!

  19. paty Says:

    all is cool, but im not a member and well i can’t buy anything

  20. lulu is best Says:

    wow thanks, i have all of these items now and i check this website everyday before i go on Club Penguin

  21. cpman Says:


  22. BLUIE15 Says:

    sanitypenguin rocks and thanks for being my friend Sf1998

  23. bob Says:

    i saw what you wrote to the other guy about stealing your website, i hope he gets the message!

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