Victory over the nachos



Club Penguin Marines steals a victory over the nachos, Sf1998 did a very good job leading the CPM. Thank you for supporting the Club Penguin Marines during the war specially Sanity15, please check this site for more informations on the coming missions of CPM. New glitch will be posted in a few hours, keep visiting the site for updates.

CPM Team


16 Responses to “Victory over the nachos”

  1. LANO Says:

    Aww, I saw you in the dojo. Your site rocks by the way.

  2. zigjuice Says:

    i was in that war too

  3. oOocp-4evaoOo Says:

    i saw you too! im zoyi26, your site is awesome!

  4. Penginaro Says:

    Hey sanity, I have a team called CPA. Were about 600 penguins in our team, combined with the romans and the CPFS which is our allies, we are about 6000 penguins all in all. We would like to be allies with the CPM to crush the small rebel groups like the pirates and the CPN. They might grow big so we need even more allies, we might meet bigger teams too. So please respond if you are interested.

  5. sanitypenguin Says:

    thats a good idea but im not the leader of CPM, ill ask Sf1998 if he wants this offer.

  6. Cp Cittymaster Says:

    I was in that war and we still won, yee haw!

  7. Big Blacksta Says:

    can i join your team? i can throw snowballs really fast

    Editor’s Comment: Ask Sf1998 for that

  8. invader dim Says:

    i was buds with the original nachos

  9. Shadowclash1 Says:

    Yay that was so fun. I loved it! you can see me in that picture.

  10. LANO Says:

    I am one of the leaders in the CPM, but Sf1998 is the true leader. The war against the nachos was huge and it was a great fight.

  11. hmm Says:

    umm each screenshot or picture you take, the names are different or are all of those yours?

    Editor’s Comment: There are only two sanitypenguin, Sanity14 and Sanity15.

  12. HOWLGIRL Says:

    when was this war?

  13. foami Says:

    I am in the picture above, i am trying to be a ninja

  14. jhayes Says:

    sanity im on your team! remember me?

  15. sf1998 Says:

    thanks for everything

  16. Cara62 Says:

    I saw you in the dojo, you are really nice!

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