Wage war over the vikings



The war between CPM and the vikings was massive.

Sf1998 declared peace
War over the nachos part 2

November 4, Theme: Don’t give up

CPM Team


8 Responses to “Wage war over the vikings”

  1. sf1998 Says:

    sup homies? CPM is undefeated!

  2. Lemon72 Says:

    cool! so did you figure out what CPM stands for?

    Editor’s Comment: Club Penguin Marines

  3. jhayes Says:

    Nice, I was in it.

  4. Cheer9020 Says:

    Man! I was there, but left like 5 minuets before the photo. I wish I was in it, oh well

  5. sf1998 Says:

    we are going to win the war

  6. jhayes Says:


  7. COLBBY Says:

    that war was awesome, i was there and i was one of the vikings.

  8. Blaze395 Says:

    I was one of the vikings in that war!

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