Who started it?



Arguements filled the snow forts, nachos said ‘CPM are the bad guys’ because we are the one who attacked them. CPM said ‘nachos are the bad guys’ because Drummer King started the whole fight. Im confused, those who saw what happened on the first battle may post a comment here.

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CPM Notice
Objectives: Meeting
Where: Dojo
When: Saturday


12 Responses to “Who started it?”

  1. Lemon72 Says:

    wow im fast, sanity will there be a meeting? i wanna join!

    Editor’s Comment: Sf1998 is on mammoth.

  2. thekidd65 Says:

    i dont know who started it either, but everyone says it was the nachos

  3. sf1998 Says:

    hmm i think i know who started it, it was Tom Wolf

  4. TNA STING Says:

    well i was at the dojo then Drummer King got really mad because of the war, then i told him to attack so he started the whole war, well you see me on the picture.

  5. sf1998 Says:

    cpm meeting is all day long

  6. Fabio Fresh Says:

    I liked the party alot

  7. sf1998 Says:

    thank you Fabio Fresh, everyone liked the party

  8. 2penguin23 Says:

    well, it started when a dude started saying ‘attack the romans!’ and that is all i saw, then sanity started to tell us about the war, that is all i know.

  9. hymie Says:

    sanity is your username sanity1 or sanity 15

    Editor’s Comment: Any of those two

  10. 2penguin23 Says:

    i think we are at peace.

  11. Fabio Fresh Says:

    We are so cool

  12. trimaster Says:

    ok i have left the trb, they stink!

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