Red vikings gave CPM the win



Today was another huge war between CPM and the red vikings. This is what happened, CPM and the red vikings won’t give up, people from both teams kept saying ‘CPM will win’ and ‘bla bla will win’. In a few minutes, Wet Bak, the leader of the red vikings went to me and said ‘you win, i give up but i have my life’. In short, Wet Bak lost the war. Congratulations to CPM members and the troop.

CPM Team


18 Responses to “Red vikings gave CPM the win”

  1. sf1998 Says:

    boo ya! that’s my CPM and me trying to sneak attack the stupid red vikings

  2. golfmaniac1 Says:

    That was a tough war, it lasted about an hour but trbs lost. That was a fun war, I look forward to the next one.

  3. 2penguin23 Says:

    woo! we won

  4. Bubba Tux Says:

    that was great, thanks for letting me join. i can’t wait for the next war.

  5. trimaster Says:

    we won, yeah!

  6. wet bak Says:

    sanity, i have nothing against you, but you fairly won that war.

  7. sf1998 Says:

    yep, im awesome

  8. wet bak Says:

    i think your friend, sf, is full of himself

  9. sf1998 Says:

    that war was not fun, it was hard.

  10. wet bak Says:

    ya sf, clicking a couple of buttons was so hard.

  11. wet bak Says:

    is sf fake dying? wow that was a good way to get attention.

  12. Fabio Fresh Says:

    Sorry I missed the fight, Stevebartman was using my computer, but I saw the whole thing.

  13. sanity rulz Says:

    listen sanity, no hard feelings, i was just really mad today. I would like to be your friend.

    Editor’s Comment: sanity doesn’t want to talk to you.

  14. penguinmaster Says:

    that was awesome

  15. Caibin Says:

    yay! we won once again, lets keep up the the good work fellow CPM troops

  16. Coolie O1231 Says:

    yay we rock

  17. clubpenguin98 Says:

    I can’t believe the red vikings gave up after that war.

  18. wet bak Says:

    sanity, you won fair and square. i admire you and sf1998 because you guys are the best

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