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Tips for the new game

November 10, 2006

Here are some friendly tips for the newest game on Club Penguin.

To join the ranks of flying penguins, go to the top level of the Lighthouse and strap on a Jet Pack. Use your arrow keys to fly. But, before you take the leap, here’s what a group of pilots had to say when it comes to landing, crashing, fuel and safety.

Tip 1: Gary the Gadget Guy made landing easy with well-marked platforms at various points around town. Don’t try to land anywhere else. The last penguin who did, ended up crashing into the Super Rink sign.

Tip 2: Collect the floating fuel tanks to stay in the air longer. To conserve fuel when you’re running low, use the down arrow. You will fall fast, but you won’t use up any fuel.

Tip 3: Watch out for the fans. They generate wind, but never in the right direction.

Tip 4: Once you reach the caves, let the lanterns guide you to safety.

Tip 5: There are plenty of coins to collect, but sometimes skipping a few coins to conserve fuel will put you further ahead in the end. Extra fuel at the end of the course earns you more points.

Tip 6: The new pin is hidden on the Beach


Jet Pack Adventure!

November 10, 2006

Hopefully, we had the chance to play the newest game on Club Penguin, ‘Jet Pack Adventure!’ we are still searching for secrets, cheats, glitches or even hacks. If you found one, please leave a comment or email us.