New item release and secrets

November 3, 2006 by

New item release for November 2006

500 C Parka
300 C Snowshoes
625 C Pink Duffle Coat
250 C Blue Earmuffs
600 C Russian Hat
120 C Green Toque
550 C Black Letterman Jacket
200 C Pilgrim Hat
3 Backgrounds

Secret Items

480 C Ski Googles – First page heading
250 C Black Cowboy Hat – Eyeglasses
150 C Blue Scarf – Feather Boa
750 C Viking Helmet – Last page close button


Walk on walls

November 3, 2006 by

I decided to keep this glitch for myself, but i think people are waiting for me to post this. So listen carefully if you want to learn.

First, go to town and stand 1 inch above your chat bar. Now click the tree near the arrow sign, just one click then immediately click on the coffee shop door. To go back and forth, just click the path way going to the dock then click the coffee shop door again.

Victory over the nachos

November 3, 2006 by


Club Penguin Marines steals a victory over the nachos, Sf1998 did a very good job leading the CPM. Thank you for supporting the Club Penguin Marines during the war specially Sanity15, please check this site for more informations on the coming missions of CPM. New glitch will be posted in a few hours, keep visiting the site for updates.

CPM Team

Request a player card

November 2, 2006 by

December is the month of sharing and giving gifts, the third project of Cheat Penguin is to make free player cards for non members as early as now. Have you ever imagined your penguin with cool clothes and big amount of coins? If not, this is the perfect chance. To request a player card, simply email me at

Name, head, face, neck, body, hand, feet, and coins

Done Requests: 8

Status: Offline for 7 days

New Game!

November 2, 2006 by

Hello Penguins!

Hopefully you’re not too stuffed from all the candy last night! Well, we’re getting close, so I am able to tell you a bit more about the new game coming out next week. This is the biggest game Club Penguin has ever seen and it’s levels will take you all over Club Penguin which means some of you might just use it as a way of getting from place to place. It is also filled with some cool secrets and hidden areas so be on the lookout. I can’t say much more right now, but check tomorrows newspaper for more details.

In other news: We’ve finally launched the new Canadian servers. We apologize for the delay, but we weren’t able to launch them in the middle of the Halloween party. Speaking of the party, it was by far the biggest party Club Penguin has ever had! We’re going to make sure we have a lot more servers ready for the Christmas party!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

Penguins take flight

November 2, 2006 by

The invention is nearly finished, Gary the Gadget Guy just have to tinker with a few minor things. The invention is a Jet Pack that enables penguins to fly. It straps on like a backpack with dual action thrusters powered by energy efficient fuel cylinders to launch the penguin into the sky and keep him up there. A pilot can maneuver forward, up and down. Extra fuel tanks have been positioned for pick up at various points. Landing sites are marked with signs. Landing anywhere else will not be advantageous. The invention will be released to the public on Monday, November 6. To try it out, go to the upper level of the Lighthouse. By the way, the mysterious cloud on the Iceberg was the Aurora Austalis which added extra flare to the Halloween Party.

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