Tip the ice berg


Thats me and other guys trying to tip the ice berg, unfortunately it wont tip.



93 Responses to “Tip the ice berg”

  1. seanchelsea3 Says:

    Yes it will you!

  2. sean Says:


  3. Darius (cp lover) Says:

    hi, im the one who started this WHOLE RUMOR in the first place with another penguin named clover386, unfortunitly, it isn’t true… but maybe to make more people come on, they will make it tip! Who knows! I had no idea this rumor would go this far… but keep trying

  4. Darius (cp lover) Says:

    And one more thing you are supposed to tip the iceberg on the pointy part!

  5. penguinman Says:

    its trure i did it before!

  6. Sean Says:

    he he :s

  7. Sean Says:

    No duh it won’t tip!

  8. Sean Says:

    My penguin is Dusty2455432 so feel free to confront me plz 🙂

  9. Sean Says:

    he he 😉

  10. Penguin Man Says:

    The ice will never tip so stop trying!

  11. I KNOW HOW 2 TIP IT Says:

    the ice berg will tip even if ur the only one on the ice berg and i know how. i saw it on You-Tube. u need a drill and go to the bottom of it. ( a little further up) then u start drilling. After a while it might tip. i also heard some one say that u go to the ice berg at 1 o’clock at night by urself and stand there doing nothing and after ten minutes or more, it might tip. (move it when 10 minutes are nearly up coz u will get forced to get off coz u were on more that 10 minutes without moving) i dont know if this works cause i had never tried doing it, but im pretty sure it works. if u had trouble doing it, then u might not be able to tip the ice berg. I HOPE IT WORKS!!!!!!

  12. Denied Says:


  13. click HAHAHHA Says:

    U do not tip the pointy part because the ice is too thick up there, ya gotta try to tip it on the bottom where the ice is thinner DUH!!!

  14. dude101 Says:

    dude club penguin cheats work so well my favorite cheat is the money cheat by the way it won’t tip

  15. Narat123 Says:

    in youtube is Pandisk who’s drilling it’s just an edit it saids there”500gp” not ”500coins”

  16. Narat123 Says:

    it won’t tip it’s just an edit!

  17. sanitypenguin Says:

    lol this topic is becoming a war. well its a cool thing to discuss though

  18. gamesmaster Says:

    its won’t tip i’ve try the one’o’clock thing it didn’t work

  19. gamesmaster Says:

    don’t try it didn’t work

  20. The Pkw Says:

    The iceberg will not tip its a Flash Image from a computer programme that CANNOT BE CHANGED unless u have the same programme as cp do

  21. Cuddlesquish Says:

    The iceburg will not tip. If someone did tip it before than why is’nt it on its side or upside down.

  22. yo dudes Says:

    hi i love italy (that was very random also i know how to speak italian)
    you can tip the iceburg ok yiou can

  23. bOBBA Says:


  24. sanitypenguin Says:

    sad to say bOBBA all your post will be nuked because of using such words.

  25. dex Says:

    i love this place

  26. Jopplin Says:

    u need 100 penguison the bottm side of the burgh not the pointy part!

  27. Jopplin Says:

    Aunt Artic said it would and theres a prize!!

  28. bri bri Says:

    Hey i know how you need 100 penguins i did it and it gifes you for tiping it 4,000 coins it cool

  29. Billy Bob Says:

    It’s true its in a spot that you won’t know its hard.Sorry I can’t say no more. But I will tell you that the Light House will open
    September 22nd, 2006. Ill see you there.

  30. sean12 Says:

    it will not tip I have gotten 200 penguins on the iceberg and it did not work

  31. cuddley22 Says:

    yo dude we have omething in comen im italian to and i no its had! and trust me the ice berg will not break i tried and im a member so people lisen stop trying to tip the ice berg it might work but if it does it will be in a long time.

  32. bri bri Says:

    billy bob go in it at 6.00 ok and it will tip 100 penguins all makers if there 100 pepole go to the ice you know what and tip it

  33. heat1008 Says:

    the ice berg will not tip. it is true

  34. goozoo200 Says:

    clubpenguin rocks!

  35. MATTY010 Says:

    It can tip grr i have done it before you get 4000 coins u wallys

  36. tiftif999222 Says:

    lots of people try to tip the iceburg and i think that they have the right to try ! but come on ! tipping the iceburg is impossible ! take it from some one whos tryed! oh and CLUB PENGUIN is alot better than RUNESCAPE!

  37. rocky121 Says:

    I agree with goozoo200 club penguin is the best game ever!! it rocks and its hilarious to see the penguins walking around “waddle waddle”

  38. Cheedo Says:

    you got that right

  39. tag100 Says:

    the light house is so cool!!

  40. Snow Queen62 Says:

    i expected the light house to be cooler but its not. BUT I LUV that song

  41. skibbit Says:

    It doesnt tip guys. The iceburg is a drawing created by the people who made clubpenguin. Its an iceburg, not a scale, it doesnt know how many people are on it! BUT I try to tip it anyway because its funn!

  42. slushy24z Says:

    i meen wut is the point of tiping the iceburg if u dont get any thing?

  43. cheryl floyd Says:

    ok well it will tip i f you have enough people because my cousin and i tipped it !! it was fun!!

  44. Raffles Says:

    lol. u can’t do it. its impossible. go to the miniclip forums

  45. aunt arctic Says:

    the iceberg will tip if you have a hard hat or the mining helmet…
    drill everywhere until you find the weak point (close to the middle)
    its not just a picture, the film in youtube says the truth!

  46. aunt arctic Says:

    go there because im aunt arctic!!

  47. Raffles Says:

    u can’t tip da ice burg. the creators said so. get with it ppls

  48. Sam Says:

    I want someone to tip it with me!! My penguins name is Lobby. Talk to me later! :

  49. Rusty Boy 10 Says:

    If we got everyone on Club Penguin to go onto the edge then it would tip

  50. pokeemon Says:

    OMG u cant! well although its fun to try its impossible. Unless the creators are going to change it. its never going to tip!

  51. girl who luvs you Says:

    i did tip it once

  52. i luv cp Says:

    if anybody thinks they hav tipped it, what happens,does it show a little clip or something?
    ps im new and im called 5p4rx and im usually on frozen

  53. Brother From Another Mother Says:

    I read these replies and yeah by these i don’t think it will tip.
    It’s etiher the staff denies the truth and theres a secret how to make us overwhelmed, or else it is a rumor and like the staff says ‘ITS NOT TRUE!”

  54. pete wheeler Says:

    i never tiped the ice berg so i dont know what happens.

  55. simsgirl1 Says:

    can some one tip it with me i will be in big surf surver ok

  56. jake Says:

    tipping the ic burg is possible but u dont tip it u break it then u get 4000 coins it says in the news paper in the aunt arctic section look in the boiler room

  57. cosmoclown Says:

    i wont tip we had 100 people on 1 end and it didnt !! 🙂

  58. dude = ) Says:

    onn youtube thats not right it says 500 GP Gp isnt money he computerized it its fake

  59. Liz Says:

    I have proof cause i actully tipped it! look for me im lizorama2

  60. simsgirl1 Says:

    i started tip the ice burg party number 2 i go all most half of club penguin to help me tip it

  61. SETAM Says:

    it will not tip

  62. Austin Says:

    10 of us tried to tip it but it won’t work

  63. RealNicole Says:

    I hope it will tip that would b soo cool! does ne1 know the money cheat for club penguin?

  64. Tahvorn Says:


  65. akim Says:

    it will so tip

  66. kamakoro99 Says:

    i know it wont because it’s just backround and if you look on the edge there is a stub that goes down into the ocean!

  67. rove5 Says:

    if u dont believe it read da paper

  68. rove5 Says:

    it does tip look in the old papers and there will be an artical in ask aunt artic about it read it it says it does i didnt believe it until i saw it

  69. sharlyee Says:

    this is rediculous. fighting over something that is just a make-belief picture! if you never believe me, it is just a picture with linings to trick you. the club penguin manager or whatever it is called just wants more money from you to buy those dumb drills! anyway, i’m trying to stop thing crazy fight over this iceberg thing. for more info, i’m going on right now.

  70. angelluver Says:

    i want to tip it so bad i want more coins even though i have 6,000 allready i still want more then i can have 10,000

  71. johnjonas Says:

    I know it will tip! all we have to do is get alot of penguins and go to the bottom of the iceburg and start drilling for 10 minutes and try it at 1 o’clock!

  72. gloomba Says:

    forget about it i heard u can break the puffle cage!

  73. CP rules, so do me too Says:

    Club penguin is cool who could not lik it?

  74. madie Says:

    The iceberg will tip it has happened before

  75. Rosstux Says:

    it will

  76. paintboy100 Says:

    i asked club penguin team if the ice burg tips. They told me it tips!

  77. well.. Says:

    one there was some penguins on the iceburg trying to tip it. i counted and there was 23 penguins trying to tip it they all where on the top drilling and dancing and chatting and sitting and calling all the people on the ice burg to come up, i was one of the penguins dancing and calling people the crowd grew too big to count so i waited ten minutes up there and nothing happened it was a experience that was so boring i don’t know why i typed it. anyway the iceburg won’t tip

  78. Ryan Says:

    Yes it will i know somone who works for cp and he told me u can get it to.

  79. kris75 Says:

    i dont think it will tip

  80. lol Says:

    it wont tip

  81. Mike Says:

    ive tipped the iceburg theres a certian server its in autsralia , big surf

  82. Cp LoVeR Says:

    I don’t believe the ice berg will tip but I hope it will for me

  83. 2penguin23 Says:

    hey lets tip the ship!

  84. Cheedo Says:

    that would be cool if the ship could tip.

  85. Irhgt Says:

    This is becoming a war, stop before it gets even worse.

  86. Died by Bear Says:

    Well first off you cant tip the ice berg. Secondly, Darius did not start this rumor, I’m pretty sure CP did or someone close to CP. I would know I seached it everywhere, you didn’t create it. Plus to all non-believers, you can look in one of the oldish blogs Billybob said so himself, can we actually tip the ice berg?

  87. 5p4rxpenguin Says:

    Ok this is turning in to a war while on one side red on the other side, darker! to sort this out lets all go on the ice berg on frozen in england at 5:00 pm on wednesday, will that be ok?

  88. crushoviedo Says:

    Right now i am playing club penguin and there are about 200 people on the ice berg tring to tip it

  89. ctwv Says:

    ive tipped the iceburg, you get 5000 or more wow! how do make smiley faces by the way?

  90. ice865 Says:

    i tipped it and you get 4000 coins, this game is the best! the cheats work.

  91. wow billy coolj Says:

    I have tipped it and you get 6000 coins, penguins wanted to be my buddy and I was like no! 🙂

  92. pengo dude77 Says:

    This game rocks!

  93. gb1997 Says:

    this site is the best

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