Secret Items


There are 4 secret items which can be found in the clothing catalog this september.

150 C Red T-Shirt – Headband
450 C Overalls – Stylish Swimsuit
750 C Viking Helmet – Bunny Slippers

I will let you find the other one which unlocks the 250 C Black Cowboy Hat. Its hidden on a word.

Waddle On!


18 Responses to “Secret Items”

  1. speady lo Says:

    were do you get the arnt arktic hat

  2. seanchelsea3 Says:

    were is the arnt artic hat

  3. Game Over Says:

    Where are the other 3 hidden items? I don’t know where they are…

  4. sanitypenguin Says:

    1 on the headband, 1 on the bunny shoes, 1 on the blue bikini

  5. millerkids11 Says:

    one on thelast page above the penguins head where there is lines like llllllllllllllll

  6. igualmente Says:

    the black cowboy hat can be unlocked by clicking on the word west

  7. kidsgames Says:

    thankyou for telling me!

  8. Narat123 Says:

    you forgot the blue viking helmet, you press the bunny slippers four times to get it! it is 1200 C!

  9. Narat123 Says:

    and in the last page in the llllllllllllllll lines you’ll press it you’ll get the yellow scarf but i don’t know what it costs, maybe 260 C?

  10. sanitypenguin Says:

    ohh ya i forgot to place those items, will be updated as soon as i could. thanks

  11. Cheeky_Monkey Says:

    anymore cheats?

  12. Clu Penguin Person Says:

    There is also one more thing…the yellow scarf. It’s on the last page of the catalog. Hint:Look around the penguin, and it’s profile.

  13. rbdpunk Says:

    thanks thats a lot! eeh!

  14. derfinklebur Says:

    the blue viking helmet thing isnt working. how do you do it again?

  15. josue333 Says:

    i found somtin if u click on the pizza for the cheff ting it is funny but u have to see what it is u self >_-

  16. rocky121 Says:

    omg the blue viking hat works eek!

  17. sanitypenguin Says:

    i’ve been out for a week, so thanks for all the contributors.

  18. Decembria Says:

    Haha, love the pizza thing

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