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Cheat Penguin is Officially Closed

April 13, 2008

Hi everyone! It has been years since I posted on this blog. I would just like to say that the real sanitypenguin is only here on this site and not on any other site, so don’t fight over whose the real one. All the glitches and cheats here barely works now, some of them might still work in other ways. By the way, I have not approved your comments anymore because this is the only time I went back to this blog. It’s just amazing that I saw my dashboard with 25,631 comments waiting for moderation, although some are only spam. Now, I officially say that the blog is closed. I am quitting cheating Club Penguin but I still hack on other games, probably online games such as Flyff, Maple Story, Rakion and WarRock. Thank you for ‘still’ visiting the site even if it’s already dead. I’ll leave the WordPress team to shut this blog down. Before I leave, let me tell you a treat.

Cheat Engine still works for hacking coins, although there is a gold cap which is 9999. Going over that will get you banned.